Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Mark and Christy

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for entrusting your only son to us for a week of fun with his cousins. Tim has been a model of good behavior and you don't need to worry about him at all.
We have made sure to feed him healthy, nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. We did not go straight from you to John's Incredible Pizza Company for lunch. Even if we had gone there we would have made sure he ate plenty from the salad bar and did not allow him to stuff himself with cheese pizza and chocolate chip cookies. No, we would not have done that!
Following our nutritious lunch we made sure to cram in many educational activities and did not allow Tim and his cousins to spend the entire afternoon with the Halo Risk board game.
Following our many educational activities we did not allow the children to eat quesadillas and chocolate milk for dinner. No, we do not allow such fare in our home, ever!
Immediately after eating dinner we did not allow all five kids to jump into the pool. We totally understand that time should be allowed for proper digestion before any water activities so we did not allow this about two minutes after dinner.......

Nope, we are NOT that kind of aunt and uncle!