Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poor Sweet Boy

At Nathanael and Grace's birthday party Jonathan fell from a picnic bench. (He wasn't even standing, jumping or climbing; just sitting!) He hurt his wrist so we got to spend the evening in urgent care.

Poor sweet boy

Getting xrays was kind of cool. His friend "Fuzzy" was scared until Jonathan explained that the xrays were just like taking pictures!

They decided it wasn't broken but it was swollen so they put this hard splint on it and said for him to visit his doctor in a couple of days.

He did visit his doctor and the swelling had mostly gone down but they still wanted him to wear the brace for a couple of weeks just to be sure. He wore it for about a week and then I realized that he kept pushing the splint up higher so he could use his wrist. If he was doing that it obviously wasn't bothering him anymore so we removed the brace. He was happy to get back to normal.

By the way, the picture of him in the car where he was not buckled, I took the picture and THEN buckled him in. Just so you know!

Still Experimenting

So I got the powerpoint presentation to load and it can be viewed from my blog but it can't be viewed from a reader. You have to actually visit the Reed Rugrats site. At least that is how it worked for me. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks.

Birthday Party

This is an experiment to see if I can post a powerpoint presentation on my blog. Just click it to change the slides.....I hope.

Hey, I got the birthday party pictures posted during their birthday month, barely!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Know You Homeschool If

Your son is studying trains so you print out and help him with cutting, folding and taping 12 paper train cars

And your living room wall looks like this!

Sharing A Birthday

Our friend Nance shares the same birthday as Grace. Some of the church ladies were throwing a simple party for Nance and they decided to include Grace in their little celebration as well.
The birthday girls!
Nance pretending that she wasn't going to share her birthday pie

Miss Pansy made this doll cake for Grace.

This is how we celebrated Grace's actual birthday. Her big birthday party was the following week. Pictures to come.....


We bought Grace some of the Dolly and Me matching outfits for her birthday. I laid out one of them the night before. She didn't know it had a matching doll dress until she opened this.....

She looks like me!

She has brown eyes like me!

And the same clothes as me!

Look, we are twins!

Making Cars

Nathanael has been wanting to go to the Ride-maker shop for his birthday. It is a shop like build-a-bear that you build cars instead of bears. Very fun. Well we decided it would be too hard to have a birthday party there since we live pretty far from it. (The shop is in Downtown Disney.)

Well, we were at Disneyland for Jonathan's "field trip" and decided we would make cars. Jason even convinced them that since there were six of us they should do a birthday party. They didn't want to agree because they said birthday parties need a deposit paid a week in advance.

Well, what is the deposit for?
In case you don't show up.
But we are already here!
Yeah, so?
Well, then there is no need for a deposit because it isn't possible for us not to show up.
Oh, well then okay.

HA HA! Anyway, Jason convinced them to let us have a party for Nathanael. We built our cars (Nathanael got an extra car signed by all of us since it was his birthday party), then they played a game where all the kids put as many stickers as they could on Nathanael as fast as they could. Finally they took a picture of our family and our new cars. So much fun! Having a party doesn't cost any more than just buying the cars would have, except of course for a tip for the party host.

Jonathan's First Reports

Jonathan's first reports. He picked what to write and I helped him spell the words.

Disneyland as a Learning Trip?

As Jonathan's second train field trip we visited Disneyland! Now you may say that Disneyland is just a goof-off day but it is possible to really learn a lot about trains there.

First thing we did was headed to the monorail station in Downtown Disney. We told the engineer that Jonathan was learning about Trains. She let us ride in the engine and spent the trip explaining about how a monorail system works. Jonathan learned a lot there. Then the engineer told us that if we visited the main street train station they would let him ride in a train engine so that was our next learning adventure. It took a long time because we had to wait for the specific engine that had a place for extra people to ride in it. Don't worry, we spent our waiting time exploring the train station itself. Jason, Matthew and Jonathan rode in the train's engine with the engineers. The engineers told them all about how steam trains work, how they blow off steam, etc. Wow! So much learning packed into a brief time.

After learning all about monorails and steam trains we spent the rest of the day visiting Disneyland. Yay!

A Trip to the Train Museum

For Jonathan's first month of Kindergarten, we studied all about trains. He learned a lot about different types of trains and went on a couple of fun train based field trips. The first was to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. We went on a weekday which is free but there isn't that much open. We didn't care that the trains and trolleys weren't operating. We just came to learn, and play! Here are some pictures of our day.

First Day "Going To School"

Jonathan with one of his teachers. There was a much better picture of them but it had another child in the picture and I didn't want to post someone else's child online without permission so this will have to do.

Jonathan ready for school. Their school switched to uniforms this year. For the junior high and high school it is polo shirts but for the elementary kids it is these white t-shirts. White on my kindergartner doesn't stay white for long! Oh well, I guess all the other kids have stained shirts also.

Matthew headed to his first day of middle school (Their school has a 5th-8th grade middle school program)

Nathanael agreed to pose for me if I promised not to follow him to class and take pictures. Would I do something like that?

Grace is NOT happy with her brothers leaving for school! She looks like she is sick but she really isn't. She was just throwing a fit and crying that her brothers were gone. Now, a month later, she is finally not crying when we drop them off at school.

First Day Homeschooling

Here are some pictures of our first day of homeschooling, only a month late!

Jonathan- Kindergarten

Matthew- Fifth Grade

Nathanael- Seventh Grade

Jonathan again. Homeschooling means when you get tired of a desk, you do your work on the sofa!
Our kids go to a charter school where they attend "school" a couple of days a week and homeschool the other days. Pictures of their first day "going to school" coming next!

And So It Begins

This morning on the way to school Matthew says, "Hey Mom, look what was stuck in my backpack!" It was a pink paper wrapped with one of those shaped rubberbands that all the girls collect right now. On the paper it says "Roses are red, violets are blue. I have a huge crush on you!" And so it begins!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Grace Shares

Grace had money from her great grandma that she got in her birthday card today. I told her that grandma sent it so she could pick out her very own birthday present. Needless to say she needed to make a trip to Target TONIGHT!

Tonight we took her to Target and let her wander the toy aisles. She picked out three Disney fairies (Tinkerbell's friends) and still had some money left. She discovered a mermaid toy and asked if she could get it too. I answered, "Yes, you can get it but then your money will be all gone." She looked panicked and said that two fairies and a mermaid would be enough and she went to put the little yellow fairy back where she got it. I asked why she wasn't getting it and here is her answer....

"If I get all the fairies I wont have enough money to buy my friend Mr. Bob a present!"

No, it is not Bob's birthday. He is the family ministry pastor at our church and a close friend of our family. Grace just loves him and wanted to get him something special. She picked a clear ball filled with glitter that the glitter floats around in when you shake or throw the ball. Grace thought it was the perfect present because Mr. Bob can then use the ball to play with Grace. Aww!
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