Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Favorite

Grace was so happy when we got to Disneyland this morning and realized that she is now forty inches tall. It meant she could now ride all the roller coasters which she had previously been unable to ride. She excitedly rode on Thunder Mountain, holding her hands up and yelling Wheeeee the entire ride. At the end of the ride she glares at me and says "I did NOT want to ride this ride!" Crazy kid!

After her experience there we were Leary of taking her on Space Mountain but she was determined that she wanted to ride the "fast ride with stars." When the ride stopped I asked her if she had fun. She jumps into my arms and yelled, "oh Mommy, I LOVE this one!" She then proceeded to ask to ride again. She was so excited when Daddy agreed. I think we may have created a monster!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Disneyland Canoes

JASON FOUND MY CAMERA! I haven't been able to take any pictures except with my phone ever since our Disneyland vacation in June. It has driven me crazy. Jason discovered it had fallen beside my bedside table; just in time for back-to-school. Yeah! Totally unrelated to the rest of this post except that it explains why several posts will be from June.

One fun adventure at Disneyland are the canoes that go around Tom Sawyer's Island. Lots of non-mechanical fun and good exercise too. Grace was happy to try out her oar.....

Nathanael and Matthew love the canoes too. (They just don't appreciate me always snapping their pictures which is why they have these annoyed expressions.)

Jonathan however, did NOT want to ride the canoes. Not that he was afraid or anything, he was just stubborn. He hates it when someone else gets a turn to choose a ride. Since the rest of the family wanted to ride, I forced him on. I didn't think he should win because he was throwing a fit. He was so mad that the ride operator asked if I was sure he would be okay to ride. I think the operator was afraid Jonathan would decide to jump out of the boat or something. I assured him that Jonathan would be fine and was just having a grumpy moment.

He was indeed fine...see! He loved the canoes. Mean ole mommies aren't all bad!
School for my kids doesn't start until Tuesday so we are going to Disneyland tomorrow. I am sure there will be lots of cute picture-taking opportunities with my newly rediscovered camera.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Happiness is always having a pillowpet to cuddle, at least when you are three!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Te Eat Or Not To Eat, That Is The Question

My mom and I were out shopping one day and saw this: a limited edition collection of PES dispensers from the Wizard of Oz. I love them! My sweet mommy bought them for me and they have been happily sitting in my bedroom ever since.

There is only one problem with this situation; I actually like Pez. What good is a beautiful collection of Pez dispensers if I can't pop open the tin man's head and eat the crunchy candy found within? So, to eat or not to eat, that is the question! I couldn't possibly mess up my limited edition collectors set.....or could I.......
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grace's Story

A king and a princess with a castle with a breathing dragon outside. They had to go to the ice cream truck. They had to go to mommy and daddy's house and they took a ice cream to their mom and dad. They got it from the ice cream truck. The dragon got fire-ice cream.

They had to go fix something and they had to fix a room that their friends needed to have another room because they didn't have a room for their brothers. They had to fix something and help some more people.

They goed back to their castle and they had to get ice cream again. And some for their dragon. They had lots if fun in their castle with their toys. And they lived happy ever after. THE END
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A Blog Post By Jonathan

Once there was a great Knight named Matthew. He lived in a castle in Santa Fe. Then there was a princess named Karyn. They went to a big party and there was a king named Jonathan. They went to a big birthday for the king and there was music there. There were lots of presents. The Knight gave the king a TV and the princess gave him a remote to control the TV. The king LOVED his presents.

The beautiful princess went to go get lunch on a horse. She was in a cart that the horse was pulling. She found two more knights. Their names were Joseph and Peter. She went to get dessert at Frugos. She shared with the knights and they loved it! There was a big Frugos celebration! They had really fun. There was two kids there named Michael and Mitchell.

They bought a big castle and protected it with a stream and a fire breathing dragon. They were all safe and went to the biggest tower. They lived happy ever after. THE END
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What are the odds?

When a certain almost-four-year-old girl puts on her own shoes, what are the odds of her getting them on the wrong feet? I would have guessed it should be about 50% even if she had no clue that the pictures go on the outside. Apparantly she doesn't follow the odds. Her shoes are on the wrong feet almost 100% of the time. How can that be comfortable? I just don't understand.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Did That Sign Say?

Tonight we were driving to church and Jonathan, who can't read yet, yells out "What did that sign say?" He was quite indignant about the sign and I must admit I hadn't seen the sign he was talking about. I asked him what the sign looked like. Here was his response:"The sign said NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED! I don't think that was a nice sign!" Hmm.....I honestly hadn't seen it but I certainly couldn't let him think that there was a sign in our town that said that. I drove around the block so we could pass the sign again. "Oh Mommy, there it is! That is the sign that says NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED!" This is the sign he was pointing at:
Well, maybe the people who create the Neighborhood Watch signs should pay more attention to the image that it portrays to non-readers! Needless to say we had to explain to him what the sign really meant and that it certainly wasn't saying people with other skin tones are not welcome.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Magic Uncle Mark

We are at Jason's sister's house. Uncle Mark gave Grace this little plastic elephant. She was incredibly impressed wih it and ran all around the house with it........until she dropped it. She was so sad. Uncle Mark went into the other room and got another elephant. Without showing it to Grace, he took her elephant, put it in his hand, opened his hand and gave her the new elephant. Talk about an amazed little girl! Magic Uncle Mark is her new best friend!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Kid Time

Jason and I have started playing card games with Nathanael and Matthew after the little ones go to sleep. It is a great alternative to the hour of TV they were watching after their siblings head to bed. We have been having so much fun with them. Their favorite game is Pitch, which is a four person card game that Jason's family always played. Nathanael is pretty good at it. Matthew isn't brave enough when it comes to the "bidding" and doesn't always play the cards at the right time but he is getting better. Sometimes it is fun for the big kids to have time without their little siblings.

Grace thinks it is quite unfair that her big brothers get to stay up later than her and Jonathan. She finds reason after reason to try to get up. Last night, after she finally was silent, we played games for a while and then sent the big kids off to bed. Heading to our room, I found Grace sleeping peacefully. When I went to get her up she opened her eyes, announced "No Mommy, I sleeping Daddy's bed!" and promptly closed her eyes again. Silly girl got carried by her daddy off to her own room.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Big

Grace lifted her baby doll to her shoulder. With a sigh she announced "ugh, baby, you are getting TOO big!"

Wonder where she heard that saying.....

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Go Stand On Your Head

The kids finished cleaning the playroom and asked what they should do next. Teasing, I told them "go stand in your head!" A minute later I went into the living room and found THIS!

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