Friday, July 30, 2010

Night Night Lisa

The boys went to do a couple of chores and while they were gone Lisa fell asleep at the table. Niht night Lisa!

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Grace loves a lazy summer day. No big brothers to take to school. No reason to get out of pajamas before noon. No reason to brush the tangles out of your hair. Just hanging out watching preschool shows with mommy! Ahh!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last week I spent the evening at a friend's house. She was six weeks pregnant so of course that was the topic of our conversation. We talked and laughed and reminisced about when our other little ones were born. We talked about what her two elementary aged children thought about it. We just enjoyed the experience of early pregnancy and the joy that comes with it.

That friend miscarried just two days after that evening. Joy turned to unspeakable heartache! Oh how I cried for my friend and her family. I layed awake for hours into the night hurting for her and praying for her. What do you do when someone's life is torn apart like that? That tiny baby was wanted, cherished, and LOVED!

Please join me in praying for her and her family as they go through this extremely difficult time. We can't make it better but God can! He can turn this tragedy into something beautiful for His glory. This tiny life that ended too soon in our eyes was planned by God who took this baby home to be with Him. The baby was loved here but loved even more in Heaven with the One who created life!

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Swimming Lessons

The kids had swimming lessons this year through our homeschooling group. There was an amazing mom who volunteered to teach all of the kids for free. She happens to be a former Olympic swimmer. The kids all had a great time and learned a lot. They were all sad that this is the last lesson but the mom who had been hosting the lessons at her house said all the kids can still come to just swim and play together a couple of times a week. I know that we can swim in our own backyard but it is just so much more fun with friends!

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Playing Vehicles with Jonathan

This morning Jonathan and and I have ben playing vehicles on my bed. It started out with a couple of cars and quickly escaslated to an army of aircraft. Our conversation went like this:

Hey mom, want to hold this airplane while I bomb it?
Um, no. I just want to fly.
Okay, you fly and I will explode you with my guns
But I don't want you to explode me. I want to land at the airport.
Nope, sorry, your airplane is a bad guy so now you must die!

What is with all the violence?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Very Most Best screaming!

Grace was jumping around tonight at church. Enough that I left the praise team to sit with her. She then proceeded to throw a tantrum. I picked her up, brought her to the car and brought her home....screaming! I carried ber inside....screaming. I got her pajamas on her....screaming. I put her in her bed....screaming. After I walked out of the room she continued screaming, mostly saying that she wanted her daddy (although I don't think daddy would have been as nice to her as I was being). When I didn't come back she screamed "Why are you not coming? I am screaming the best that I can! My very most best screaming!"

I still didn't respond so she became silent. She probably fell asleep but I am not willing to go in to find out. It might start the screaming all over again!

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Too Short

We came to McDonalds for the kids to play on the playground for a few minutes. There is a little girl with an extremely short, tight skirt that she keeps pulling up even higher so she can climb the slide without hinderance. Grace is very bothered by this. Every couple of minutes she runs to me and tells me "mommy, she is showing her panties. Mommy, her dress is TOO SHORT!" Not exactly sure what she wants ME to do about it......yep, that's my girl!

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Somebody Has to Be There

I took Matthew for an asthma recheck on Monday. His doctor agreed that he needs to be on inhaled steroids for the forseable future. I was sorry to hear that but figured that would be the case. He is breathing better than last weekend but any level of activity still sets him off. It will probably be a week or two before we see the full effects of the daily medication.

While we were there the doctor also rechecked his height. He agrees with me that there is no need for growth hormones even though Matthew's adult height is expected to be 5'5" or less. He is at the very bottom of the growth chart but his growth rate has been consistant and like the doctor says, "somebody has to be there!" Hanging out at the bottom of the growth chart doesn't seem to bother Matthew any.

Jonathan, on the other hand is extremely upset that Grace is rapidly catching up to him. He is praying for a growth spurt. His growth slowed down a lot this past year and the doctor says that sometimes concerns them but it doesn't really concern him with Jonathan after seeing Matthew's height. Apparently it runs in the family. The doctor does want Jonathan back in six months to make sure his growth is where it needs to be. In the mean time Jonathan will just keep praying for a growth spurt!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Asthma or Cold?

Matthew has spent the last couple of days coughing.....a lot! He has used his inhaler a lot and is having a hard time getting to sleep because of all of the coughing. A friend of ours had a cold when we saw him earlier this week so I am hoping Matthew has a cold and it isn't that his Asthma is really starting to be that bad again. After all, it is awfully early in the year to have to start him back on a daily Asthma medication. I don't think I have ever hoped for one of the kids to have a virus before but when it is the lesser of two evils..........

Printing Blog Entries

I love posting things onto my blog but I am afraid someday the site will stop working and could lose all of the memories. I found this great site to print out my blog into a book. You just choose your title, cover picture, which blog entries to include (I printed one book per year) and whether or not you want your comments to print. It is so easy I did it in about fifteen minutes. I have had a few friends ask about which company I used so here is a link.......

Besides, if two people use this link to print their blogs, I get another book free. Bonus!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Alike

Grace loves dolls. She has been given many dolls for various occasions, most of them blond like her. Grace, however, always chooses dolls with dark skin, hair and eyes. Some of her best friends are dark-skinned so I guess she just wants her dolls to look like her friends. The other day, we discovered these adorable outfits on clearance for Grace and her favorite doll......

Since the outfits were on clearance I got her an outfit and a pair of pajamas for her and the doll to wear now and several more outfits for her birthday.
We went to a store and Grace carried in her doll. The cashier commented on how cute Grace was. Grace held up her doll and said, "Look, we look JUST ALIKE!" The lady looked curiously at Grace, then looked up at me. With a smile she responded "Yes, JUST alike!" Grace was so happy that the cashier agreed with her. After all, her baby does look JUST like her, doesn't she?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jonathan's Prayer List

Jonathan, who will be in kindergarten this fall, decided to write his own prayer list. He sounded out all the words himself. Now he needs to work on putting spaces between the words. In case you have trouble reading it, his list says:
Lisa just no drugs
Mom ankle
Bob help toe
Dad safe.

His list is amazing. Lisa has been known to do drugs so he was praying that she would stay away from them, my ankle and Bob's toe both got hurt at camp, and Jonathan wanted his dad to be safe when he goes to work. He is such a cool little kid! I am excited to start kindergarten with him. He should be easy to teach to read and write.