Friday, June 18, 2010


Jason is on vacation for three weeks! Yeah! We have lots of fun planned. We are going to family camp on for four days next week and Disneyland for three, or maybe four days the following week. We are so excited to have time as a family. Grace is counting down the days to "camping out time". I think she is mostly excited that her cousin Susie is going to be there.

I am not sure what we are going to do for our third week of vacation. If we stay home the kids just want to play video games all day so we have to think of something fun to go do. Something reasonable but fun. Hmmmmm. Time to start searching online for local activities. (Local as in the L.A. area. Nothing is actually IN Hemet!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

June Update

I have started several blog posts but then I erase them because they are boring. I am not feeling creative I suppose. Since my last post the kids finished their school year. Nathanael got the citizenship award and the academic excellence award. A huge accomplishment since they only gave out two of each for the fifty or so kids that are in his middle school program. Way to go Nathanael!

Jason's dad had quadruple bypass surgery a week ago. Jason and I went up for the surgery and spent a couple of nights with his mom. Things went well and Jason's dad went home just four days later. Jason, Nathanael, and Matthew returned to help his parents once he got out of the hospital. They have been gone for five days and are returning home tomorrow. I can't wait! I have missed them so much, even though Nathanael doesn't want to come home. He is loving hanging out at his grandparents' house.

Jonathan, Grace and I have been having fun of our own. We went swimming at a friend's house, went to my cousin's birthday party in Riverside, had a fun lunch with my aunt, and spent an entire afternoon and evening at a graduation and birthday pool party. Today their friends came over to play and swim at our house. Each night Jonathan and Grace have fallen asleep as soon as their heads have hit the pillow and they stay asleep an hour past when they usually get up. I guess I have been good at wearing them, and me, out! Oh, and I have a hard time sleeping all the time but especially when Jason is gone. The many earthquakes we have had this week haven't helped that particular problem. Tonight's was a 5.7 that continued rolling for a really long time.

Tomorrow the free summer movies begin....yeah! Our town, and many others, show kids movies two mornings a week in air conditioned movie theaters for free. One of our favorite things to do on 100 degree days. tomorrow's movie.....Madagascar 2. Then in the afternoon the little ones start swimming lessons. Think I can get them worn out again? I am certainly going to try! Then Jason and the other boys should be home and we will go out to dinner together and catch up on a week of small talk. Hooray!

Comment Moderation

Okay, I turned on comment moderation. I know it is annoying that comments will not show up immediately but hopefully it will get rid of the spam comments that have been showing up lately.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay so I have been getting strange comments on almost every post lately. They are in Chinese or some such language and have links to different things. I get on and erase them every time but I don't know why I am suddenly getting them or how to eliminate them on a more permanent basis. I would prefer not to turn on comment moderation and have to approve each and every comment before it is posted. Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Honor Grandma


Here is a picture of what the relay track looked like all lit up. So pretty and still so sad to think that each of these represents a life touched forever by cancer.

Relay for Grandma

Jonathan decorated this bag to honor Jason's grandma at the relay for life. He even wrote her name on it all by himself (okay, I told him the letters but he wrote them himself.) My phone will only let me add one picture per post so I will do a seperate one showing the luminaries all lit up.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life last week was a success. The kids all had a great time. Jonathan and Grace went home with our friend gabi so they didn't have to spend all night outside. Nathanael and Matthew stuck it out.....even when it got COLD! They even stayed up and watched Avatar at 2am until 5am, then it was back to walking. It got a little misty and rainy so we had the kids go into the tent and Jason and I took to the track. I asked why the relay had to last all night and was told it was because Cancer never sleeps. Good point! Our team raised a lot of money for help with cancer research and helping cancer patients. Yeah team, Families of Faith!

Oh, to give you an idea of how chilly it got, a little bit after we got home, it decided to HAIL! Brr!