Monday, May 31, 2010

Jonathan's Soccer Snack Day

When you are on a soccer team in this town, each player is responsible to bring snack for the whole team after one of the games. It is the most important part of the game for the kids. Each year I make a special bag to hold the snacks. Here is Jonathan's snack bag.

Each player's bag had a picture of that player. They came out so cute. Thanks Terry for helping me put them together!

Friday, May 21, 2010

With Many Thanks

Matthew wanted to go on a field trip with his enrichment class. Because it is a homeschool program, each family had to take their student themselves. This would have been fine except that Jason had to work and I had to help with a funeral at church. What to do? No problem. My totally wonderful best friend Terry picked up Matthew, and Jonathan too and took them to the field trip. She spent the morning at the airport while the kids explored the sheriff plane and helicopter. Matthew was so happy that he didn't have to miss his trip. Thank you Terry!

Thank you also to my wonderful sister (technically, sister-in-law but that is just a formality) for helping me meet and exceed my goal for tomorrow's relay. I have dozens of brownies baked for the bake sale at the relay as well. Hopefully our team will be able to raise a lot of extra money for cancer research. Of course, this relay will cost me a LOT of money with having all six of us there exploring all the stuff the different groups have for sale. Sigh! At least the money goes to a great cause.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learning to Love

Our week has been filled with fun and laughter. What a blessed week we have had so far!

I can't wait until this weekend. We are participating in the Relay for Life. Last year, I participated alone. Well, not alone, but not with anyone in our family. This year all six of us will be there during the day. Jonathan and Grace will be going home in the evening but Jason, Nathanael, and Matthew plan to spend the night at the Relay with me. If you haven't already, check out my personal page at I think the kids will have a great time and also learn to care a little more, love a little more and stand up to help others in need.

By the way, I am five dollars away from my goal. PLEASE HELP me reach it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. Happy birthday to my sweet, wonderful, amazing hubby. He spent much of the day finishing up the deck and pool, then he had a deacon training meeting. Our friend Sylvia baked him a cake and had us all meet her at the meeting for a surprise party. Grace had to give her daddy this flower. So sweet. He was sufficiently embarrassed by the little party but pleased as well. Tonight our family is going to go out for his birthday. He got a gift card that will pay for about half of it so it will be an inexpensive way to celebrate. Happy birthday to the best husband ever!

Fun in the Sun

Our old above ground pool had a major tear in it. I wanted to go to Costco and get a new pool. I wonder if Jason would have agreed if he had known what all that would mean for him and his friends.......We got the pool, a 20x10 foot rectangle that is 4 1/2 feet deep. Cool! Well, the area of the yard I wanted it in was very uneven so Jason and a couple of his friends got dirt, two pickup trucks full to level out the area. Of course, wiring had to be put in underground to run the pump and filter. Next came the pool which was set up and running in no time.

Of course, that was all great but my friend Terry said she couldn't come over to swim because the ladder was too unsteady. No problem, right? I got onto Craigslist and looked for a sturdier ladder. I found several for sale. I also found someone who was selling an entire custom deck for an above ground pool just like ours. How could I say no?
Jason and another friend drove out of town to the guy's house to get the deck, which of course had been disassembled for transport. They brought it home and began the jigsaw puzzle. Figuring out where each piece went and which screws to use for each part was tricky to say the least but they were determined and got it done. It is wonderful. It has a super sturdy ladder that Terry won't be afraid of falling off of. It has a fence on it and a locking gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep off children when there are no adults available.
Do you think I was done? well, almost. You see, years ago Jason's parents bought the kids a playground which over the years had deteriorated so we took most of it down. The slide was still in good shape though. Hmmm, a slide! Perfect. Before long Jason and his friends had fixed up the slide so it would fit perfectly on the deck and go into the water. They made it stronger and attached lattice to the sides so no kids would fall off. They then bolted it to the deck.
Perfect! I think it is complete. Oh wait, a sunshade would be nice....and a fort for the kids to play in underneath the deck. Oh and a sandbox under part of the deck. (We already got the 600 pounds of sand necessary for that.)................

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day With Lisa

Today our friend Lisa, who is one of the teens from church came to visit. Okay, well she really just stopped by to bring me something but then she got cornered. She stayed and read a cookie monster book to Grace, then a Madame Blueberry book and a Sesame Street book. Next it was time for her to play preschool computer games. We decided to BBQ hot dogs for lunch and then took a trip to Kmart so Lisa would have a swimsuit and could go in the pool with us. After an hour in the cold pool everyone was freezing so back inside we came to play on the computers and then the boys felt the need to obliterate Lisa in Halo 3. I don't think this is quite what Lisa had in mind when she stopped by this morning but we have had a really fun day. Thanks Lisa!

Oh and by the way, Lisa told me that I could NOT write a post about her on my blog so I felt that I had to write this......I am bratty like that. I am sure none of you have ever noticed.

Sweet Summertime Pictures

A Perfect Mother's Day

This year was the most wonderful Mother's day ever. We went to church in the morning, followed by a quick lunch at Panda Express. Next it was time for laziness. I went to the backyard and hung out in the hammock with my Kindle, a soda and an umbrella. Oh and of course a phone so I could text Nathanael and have him bring me stuff. Like my pillow and a blanket when it began to get chilly. Then it got a little later so he had to come out and move the umbrella so the sun wouldn't be in my eyes. He was also sent to get me some sunglasses.

Ahh, just chillin! Can you tell we are working on a ton of stuff in the backyard right now. We are putting in an above ground pool and deck so there are tools everywhere.

I had a couple of visitors. First Molly came over to see me. Isn't she sweet?

Next this little guy had to come visit. He is sweet too but his visit pretty much ended the quiet afternoon in the hammock.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I then went inside and made ham and mashed potatoes for dinner, which we ate on the fine china. Thanks so much for a great Mother's Day everyone.

Jonathan and the Bucket

Here are a couple of cute pictures from a recent photo shoot at a friend's studio. Check out Jonathan in these pics.....

Looking cute and ready for the beach

Hmm, a bucket. What could I do with it?

Hey I know!


Monday, May 10, 2010


It has been busy around here the last couple of days. We are putting in an above ground pool and a deck so we have had lots of friends helping. We also ran a birthday party for our nieces, had soccer, mother's day, etc. I have some cute pictures from that hopefully I will get around to posting tomorrow since I am procrastinating tonight. After all, why do tonight what you can put off until tomorrow? Goodnight friends!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Technical Difficulties

For some reason my computer is not wanting to upload pictures to my blog. Grr! I did finally get it to add the teacher's gift pictures but now it won't add any to the next post. I will have to try again later.

Teacher's Appreciation Gifts

The kids and I headed to the craft store to find a perfect craft to make for Teacher's Appreciation Day this year. We found these cute cardboard boxes that looked like books and inspired this.........

Aren't they cute? The boys did most of the work themselves. I mainly helped by putting on the letters. They did a great job, although it was very hard for me not to try to fix the bubbles caused by their massive amounts of glue! Turning loose of craft projects is hard for me!

To go inside, we bought some thumb tacks, binder clips and post-it notes. Then we made cute little post-it note holders from acrylic picture frames and papers that coordinate with the books. Here are the insides of a couple of them.

It took a while but the boys did a great job. When we had done all but the lettering we headed to Joanns to buy some sticker letters. While in line paying for the stickers Matthew saw the gift cards and said "Mom, couldn't we have just bought them each a gift card? That would have been so much easier!" Hrmph!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Grace Update

Sorry about the lack of updates. It has been a busy week. Then again, aren't they all?

Grace is doing well. Her pediatrician gave her a brace that goes around both shoulders instead of just having her arm in a sling and it is working much better. The fact that it is hidden under her dresses is just a bonus! She is not in much pain unless she tries to use her right arm for something or if someone bumps her on that side. Her doctor said no rough-housing with her brothers for at least a month and no church nursery so it may be a long month for mommy and daddy!

I had to run to the store and get her a couple of dresses and a nightgown that had buttons because most of her clothes pull over her head and she can't raise her arm over her head for a month. Apparently all nightgowns pull over the head but I was able to find a t-shirt material dress with buttons down the back that is perfect for sleeping in. I bought her dresses a size too large so her shoulder brace can go under it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matthew Wonka

Doesn't Matthew make a great oompa-loompa?

The Doctor Says It's Minor

.....but Grace does Not agree!

About three o'clock this morning Grace fell out of her bed and onto the hardwood floor. Usually we pull the trundle out that is under her bed just in case something like that happened but last night. the babysitter put the kids to bed and we forgot to warn her about the trundle. So anyway, Grace fell from her bed and hit her shoulder on the hardwood.

She was obviously in a lot of pain so Jason drove her to the emergency room where they said she had a "minor" fractured clavicle (collarbone). They put her arm in a sling to help immobilize her shoulder and gave her Tylenol with codeine. The sling doesn't seem to be helping. Poor little princess is in pain with every movement. I think a trip to her normal pediatrician tomorrow may be in order for a better solution. When Matthew was little and broke his clavicle, they gave him a much better brace that actually helped keep his shoulder immobilized.

Please pray with us that her pain would be controlled today and tonight and that her pediatrician can do something better to help her tomorrow.