Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Year

Jonathan played soccer last year. Well, that isn't exactly true. He spent an entire soccer season trying not to come into contact with the ball in any way and trying to avoid being called to play. He decided mid-season that he was done playing soccer but we have a rule in our house that if you start a sport season you have to finish it. He was so glad when soccer season ended. We figured he would be done with his soccer career forever.

This however, is a new year. He surprised us by wanting to start the new soccer season. We figured we were in for it again, but he is quite unpredictable. This year he loves soccer! He asks every morning if he has a soccer game or soccer practice. He is so excited if he finds out there is a game.

Getting ready to practice kicking the ball into the goal. (The little guy in front of him is the younger brother of a boy on his team. He is too little to be on the team but he wishes he could play SO much!)

Let the game begin!

Running so fast the camera couldn't keep up

So excited, waiting for his turn to get back onto the field

Lining up to tell the other team "good game"

So happy for a game well played

Of course, the most important time is still snack time!

This year Jonathan loves to play goalie. He is really good at blocking the ball too. He is learning that there are a lot of kids that want to play goalie so he has to take turns. That is a hard lesson for him and for several of his friends as well. Soccer is so much fun when you are five!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Night

Tonight we had a family movie night. Tonight's movie.....Zathura. Grace kept saying "this movie is taking a long long time." She was so happy when the movie was over and I could read her the Madame Blueberry book for the tenth time in two days.

After book time, it was game time. Go fish, Old Maid and War. War that just wouldn't end. At least for Matthew and me. Why couldn't I have been the first one out for once?

Next Matthew and I spent lots of time drawing triangles and then measuring the angles. It was great fun! We have very strange interests I know. He learned that the angles will always add up to 180 degrees if you draw your lines straight but if you draw triangles freehand instead of with a ruler you are more likely to come up with 195 degrees or 170 degrees. Do you think we could call it an impromptu homeschool math lesson?

The younger kids headed for bed and Nathanael and Jason are watching a very odd movie (Evan Almighty.) They are enjoying themselves even if I think the movie is weird.

So there you go, a lazy Thursday evening in the Reed household. What did you do with your family tonight?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Matthew is at testing this morning. Our boys are members of a charter school so they get the same tests public school kids get even though they don't attend a school daily. A lot of parents in the charter school don't like the "government intervention" of these tests but I find them quite beneficial. The kids' grades are in no way affected by testing but it does tell me as the teacher which subjects the boys are doing well in and which subjects could use more time.

Last year both Nathanael and Matthew tested either proficient or advanced in all areas which tells me they are continuing to receive the education they need to compete later with people who were educated in the public school system. Of course, if they tested extremely low in several subjects it would tell me that they needed a different type of schooling then they are receiving. Teaching kids all they need to know in life is complicated and if they needed to attend a regular school five days a week in order to keep up we would be okay with doing that. Unfortunately, we are NOT happy with the junior highs in this area so if we were to send them to school it would have to be private school. So glad that hasn't been necessary yet because with four children the cost would be prohibitive I am afraid.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Electronic Evening

Tonight Jason is at a meeting at church. I declared it electronic evening and we are doing it with style. Matthew, Jonathan and Grace are playing on our various computers while Nathanael watches a movie and I write this from my phone. Don't even ask why we happen to have three computers for the kids to use......

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Story Time

Jonathan loves it when Nathanael agrees to read him his bedtime story.

Extra Sleep

Grace threw such a tantrum last night at church that I brought her home halfway through service and got her ready for bed. She was not happy with me at all but as soon as her head hit the pillow she was out. Two hours before her usual bedtime. Then she slept until almost nine o'clock this morning. She mush have been truly exhausted. Now she is in a good mood and ready to play. I would probably be in a good mood too if I got to sleep fourteen-plus hours. Do you think I could try it?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Look. I shared my cobbler with my friends that work in the church kitchen. There were about ten of us but these were the only two that would pose for me. The cobbler was delicious. I think Matthew just got a new job!

Matthew's Cherry Cobbler

Looks yummy doesn't it?

Spoiled Mommy

earlier today I said used to love my grandma's cobbler so my favorite nine year old boy pulled out the recipe book and is making cobbler. Spoiled mommy. I will let you know how it comes out.

A Truly Random Post

Sorry I haven't been on here in a couple of days. We spent both Saturday and Monday helping friends move. Sunday of course was filled with church events and yesterday we went to Disneyland. Of course, I twisted my ankle on Sunday afternoon so helping move all day and then walking all the next day at Disneyland didn't help much but we had a lot of fun. Jason had to work but our friends Bob and Nance had two day tickets that they had only used one day from so we headed to Disneyland with the kids. We didn't do all that much. Just five or six rides I think but that is what I love about having passes. We don't feel bad leaving mid-day. Good thing we did because just after we left Disneyland it started raining. Lot of yucky traffic on the way home because Southern Californians don't know how to drive in the rain. Night before last I wore shorts and a tank top to bed and then last night it was sweats instead. Southern California weather is funny. Okay, was that post random enough for you?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eliminating the Jungle

Nathanael is spending time weed wacking the backyard. do you think it has been a little while since it has been done?

What could be Better?

What could be better than a springtime afternoon sliding down the slide into an empty swimming pool while your big brother sprays you with water? Oh yeah, a full swimming pool would be good but since there is a hole in our pool this will have to suffice for now. The empty pool doesnt seem to be holding them back any.

The Baby Has Arrived

Grace is all excited and says that her baby has arrived out of her tummy. This is the baby she says she had. Jonathan couldn't stand that he wasn't going to be in the picture so he had to join in. His "hug" is hilarious. It is quite a choke hold but apparently she is used to it because it isn't bothering her at all.

A Baby in There

I realize I was going to write about the big kids but I haven't thought of anything yet. They just don't do anything cute anymore. I will keep thinking.

This morning Grace has been running around with her back arched and her stomach out. Every time someone comes near her she blocks her stomach with her hand and says "Be careful. Don't bump my tummy because there is a baby in there!"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Kids

You know, I went back and checked the labels and noticed that the younger my children are, the more posts get written about them. There are twice as many Grace posts as there are Nathanael posts. Not sure if that is because she is just so cute or if it is because the bigger kids don't do anything blog-worthy. I guess I should really remedy that situation but I can never think of anything clever to say about the big kids. I will have to intentionally look for something blogworthy in my two oldest tonight so hopefully there will be a post about one or both of them tomorrow.

Little House Grace

You know, after posting that picture of Grace in her "Little House on the Prairie" outfit, I got to thinking: Isn't the littlest sister (the blond one) also named Grace? Seems like that is how I remember it. Okay, now I need to pull out the DVDs and watch Little House or better yet pull out the books and read them with the kids. Fun!

A Future Teacher?

This morning Nathanael decided to come up with a good use for all of the left over Easter eggs. (The plastic ones, not the hard-boiled kind.) He wrote upper-case and lower-case letters on a whole bunch of tiny papers and then put them into the eggs. He then had Matthew help him hide the eggs all over the house for Jonathan and Grace to find. After the little ones found all the eggs, Nathanael went over the letters and their sounds with them. He is brilliant at coming up with creative learning adventures for his little siblings. He would make a great teacher someday!

Little House

Little House on the Prairie reruns anyone?

Half Full or Half Empty?

I went through all of Grace's clothes again and put the too-small clothes in bags and replaced them with WAY too many clothes to fit in her drawers. Her friend Melissa always gives her more clothes than she can possibly wear but that is an excellent problem.

Grace was so excited to see all the pretty dresses come out of the bins and get hung up in her closet. I was sad to see all the pretty dresses that were too small that I had to pack up and give away. I guess Grace sees the glass as half full and I see it as half empty.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Better!

Yesterday afternoon Grace's fever was 104. Today she is fever free and happy. All ready to be a hula dancer "like Lilo".

On another note, Jonathan wanted to have learning time so we pulled out his book that is supposed to get him ready for kindergarten. After glancing through the pages that teach letters, numbers, colors and shapes he informed me "I already know all this stuff. Don't you have anything harder?" Guess it time to buy the first grade book. Keeping him interested while homeschooling for kindergarten next year is going to be a challenge I am afraid.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sick Girl

Grace actually ASKED to take a nap today. Unfortunately she woke up feeling worse than before and now she has a 104 degree temperature. Poor kid. I know it is just a virus but I hate seeing her so miserable. Now she is snuggled up next to me watching Mickey Mouse. Mickey will help her feel better, right?

Grace's Turn

Apparantly it is Grace's turn for the virus that gave Jonathan the fever last week. She is feverish and tired but perfectly happy to watch movies in her pajamas with her messy hair. At least she isn't grumpy about feeling rotten.

By the way, I have no idea why this picture refuses to rotate.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Grace and Her Guys

Okay, so I uploaded this picture of Grace and a bunch of guys from church to Facebook the other day but since it was so cute I thought it would be a good one to use as an experiment on here. Grace has every one of these guys wrapped around her little finger. She is just cool like that.

So as far as this experiment is concerned; apparently I can write a post on this program and have a single picture but not multiple pictures. I am getting closer to making this do all that I want it to do. Has anyone noticed tbat I am really enjoying my Droid phone?

Still Experimenting

Okay, so I can get my message to post or I can use a different mobile program to post a picture but haven't found one application that does everything that I want it to do. Of course, it could be that I just haven't figured out exactly how to use the applications yet. More experimenting to be done later I suppose.

Getting All Fancy

Grace having Tonya help her put on sparkly eyeshadow.

Fun at the Spring Festival


This post is just a test to see if I can post a blog from my phone. If it works it will be great for quick updates. Of course, then I will have to figure out how to add pictures so be prepared for another test post later. Bye for now!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soccer Star

I love this little goalie, don't you?

Who Are You?

Our pastor gave a great sermon at church this morning from Romans 2. Is the person you are on Sunday the same as the one you are the rest of the week? As Christians we have many blessings but we have a huge responsibility as well. We can be of benefit in bringing people to Christ or we can be a huge detriment to the cause because of our hypocrisy. Makes me really think about how non-Christians are viewing me and what they think of Christ because of what they see.

So, who are you on Monday through Saturday?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jonathan and Mickey

Yesterday I was watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" with Jonathan and Grace. At the beginning of each episode Mickey says "to make the clubhouse appear, we have to say the magic words, Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse". Grace obediently repeats the words with Mickey. I asked Jonathan why he didn't say the magic words like Mickey told him to and he answered.

"Mom, Mickey is a mouse. Mouses are not the boss of guys like me so I don't have to do what he says!"

Well, Alrighty, then!

Poor Little guy

Our family has been fighting a slight cold this week. Nothing major but everyone is having a turn with it. Today, while we were at our friend Michelle's house Jonathan started getting a runny nose and a fever. If you know Jonathan you know that he doesn't get little fevers. He gets the high fevers that cause his eyes to look glazed over and the little guy to whimper pitifully. Michelle gave him some Motrin and within a half hour he was back up and playing. On the way home the fever was back with a vengeance. I stopped at Target and got him more Motrin because it had been about four hours since his last dose. It brought down his fever for a while but within an hour and a half it was back above 103 even with the Motrin in his system. Poor little guy is laying on the sofa looking pitiful. I gave him some Tylenol so hopefully with both fever reducers in his system it will give him a break long enough to get to sleep.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

Three handsome boys. You might notice a conspicuously missing little girl from our traditional "ready to leave for church" picture. Here she is........
The tantrum this time was over the floral wreath in her hair. She wanted a Sleeping Beauty crown and I made her wear this because it matched her dress. Not to mention that I had spent a couple of hours making it to perfectly match her dress earlier in the week. Yep, that is pretty much how Easter morning went for Grace. Her poor Sunday School teacher just about went crazy. Grace refused to try to go potty during restroom break, she didn't like the snack she was given and threw a fit that they wouldn't give her something else, and she laid on the floor and pouted during story time. Sigh!
I did manage to get her happy enough for these adorable shots however. What sweet kids right? Looking at these pictures you would never guess this was the same morning with the same little girl.

Do you think when they are teenagers I can use these pictures to show Jonathan and Grace that they do indeed love one another?

Easter Baskets

This grumpy face on Grace was just the beginning of the temper tantrums of the day. One unhappy morning for one little girl!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Missy and the Helicopter

Our Golden Retriever, Missy is a great guard dog. She is ferocious when people come to the door. She attacks my brother when he plays light sabers too hard with the children. She protects us from intruders, both human and animal. She is afraid of nothing.......except toy helicopters it appears.