Thursday, March 25, 2010


The dishes are done
The laundry is clean
The bills all got paid
The kids are playing
I have my computer in my lap and am chatting with my mommy.
Life is good!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow Much Fun

Apparently a couple of weeks ago they had some major snowstorms at the campground we visited this afternoon. Today it was warm and beautiful and the snow has been melting but was still very deep. The kids thought it was great to walk between pathways dug out of the snow and not even need to wear a sweater. This is on the way to view the recreation areas. Basketball courts, volleyball, dodge ball, tether ball, so many fun things to do. We can hardly wait for the summer to go back up the mountain and play.

So Exciting for a Little Girl

Why is this little cutie so excited? Well, we were visiting a campground today where our church is planning a family camp this summer. The lady asked Matthew and Jonathan if they wanted to touch this........

They didn't. Not a chance. They were polite about their refusals but quite determined. Then she asked Grace and Grace was thrilled! Oh the joy of getting to pet the snake and feel how the back and belly differ. She was so excited that she even managed to convince those reluctant big brothers to touch the snake. Well, they touched it for a second and they were quite done! Silly boys, snakes are for girls!

Oh, and by the way, this is a pet snake (A California King Snake), not a wild scary venomous snake, so quit worrying mom!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Perfect?

Okay, so three different times in the past week I have heard that someone felt uncomfortable around me because I am too perfect. Here is their list of reasons. (At least the reasons that were passed on to me)

I have a perfect family
My children always behave
I never raise my voice
I am able to home school my children and still go to play dates, help at church and volunteer for many things
I have a perfect marriage

Now, of course none of these things are true.

I have a perfect family.....I love them very much but not a single one of them is perfect.
My children always behave.....Have they not met Jonathan?
I never raise my voice......Well, very seldom in public but the children can tell you that they WISH I didn't ever raise my voice!
I am able to home school my children and still go to play dates, help at church and volunteer for many things.....My house is a DISASTER area most of the time. Something has to suffer right? Besides, I don't really home school my children so much as I hand them assignments and they complete them. They are self motivators or I would never be able to home school. I don't have the patience.
I have a perfect marriage.....Well, Jason IS wonderful but we don't always agree on everything. We just know we have to forgive since we are stuck together for the rest of our lives.

I have no idea why this has come up several times in the same week. Maybe God is showing me that my public persona isn't showing my true self. So am I fake or just private? Hmm. Not sure how to take it or how to fix it. What do you think?

Jonathan's Favorite Things to Do (In His Own Words)

Having snacks
Reading stories
Reading books
Going to the Park
Feeding dogs
That's all!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Arguement

The other day Nathanael and Matthew were sharing a vegetable snack pack with carrots, broccoli and ranch. After a few minutes I hear whining.

Mom, Matthew is eating all the broccoli!
Well, Nathanael is eating all the carrots and I want some!

Seriously? That is the oddest argument I have ever heard!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Blogging Hiatus

I know people read my blog entries. Some probably even enjoy them. The blog entries were mainly for one person's enjoyment however. My Grandma read them daily and sent me emails wondering what was going on if I skipped a day. This blog was her connection to the family when we were unable to get to Riverside and see her as often and she would have liked. Grandma is home in Heaven now and I just can't bring myself to update on here. I will try. I promise. Soon. Right now I am still missing Grandma too much.