Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Olympian

I have always been obsessed with the Olympics.....remember?
Well we have been watching the Winter Olympics lately. We DVR them all day and watch them in the evenings when Jason is home. Grace saw the pairs ice skating the other night and then the men's individual skating. She has become obsessed as well. She announced that she wants to go to the Olympics. I thought she meant that she wanted to GO to the Olympics and I told her that we had to convince Daddy to buy us tickets to one someday. That is not what she meant at all. She said, "Okay, I ask Daddy to buy me snowing skates and then I go to Olympics and jump and twirl?" Hmm.....well, we can ask Daddy. Which she did. She has been running all around the house trying to jump and spin at the same time, (At three years old she doesn't quite have it down.) She is running and sliding and trying to convince Jonathan that he can skate with her on "snowing skates." She does have a pair of roller skates and she plans to jump and twirl on them tomorrow. Oh dear!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Generation of Preschoolers

Last night in the car Jonathan and Grace were pretending to talk to each other on the phone. After a while Jonathan got distracted and wasn't answering Grace's calls. She started speaking louder and saying "Jonathan, Jonathan, can't you hear me? I am using my bluetooth!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cruel Mommy!

Last night Nathanael came down with a stomach bug. We thought it might have just been emotions, (Grandma's funeral was yesterday and he is having a hard time with her passing) but this morning he was unable to even keep down water. A few hours later Jason came down with it. I kept everyone home from church tonight so we wouldn't share with too many other families.

Tonight Nathanael was feeling a tiny bit better and was trying to convince me that he really is well enough for Disneyland tomorrow since he doesn't have school. He was not pleased when I told him that he wouldn't feel up to it and that in a family of six, the chances are that more people will be sick tomorrow. He thinks I am cruel. Never mind that I told him we could just do schoolwork tomorrow and take a trip to Disneyland later in the week instead. Nope, I am still cruel!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayers Answered Quickly!

So in my previous post I wrote about my grandmother and the fact that her time here on Earth was limited. We were praying fervently that God would choose to take her home sooner rather than later so her suffering could end. We had been told it would take seven to ten days before she fell into a coma and then another day or two for her heart to stop. That timetable didn't take into account the family's prayers. God listened and took Grandma home just an hour after I posted last time. It took less than 48 hours total instead of ten days. Praise God that Grandma is in Heaven with her Savior. Healthy and active and able to see all the loved ones who have gone on ahead. Thank you Lord for listening to our prayers and taking Grandma home!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye

A couple of years ago my grandma was unable to swallow so the decision was made to put in a feeding tube. It was a great decision. It allowed her to be at many of the family events that would just not have been quite the same without grandma. These pictures are her at my cousin Jon's wedding in October of 2008. Watching her dance with the groom brought tears to every one's eyes.

On Saturday Grandma, who is still mentally very alert, decided to have the feedings through the tubes stopped. She has been deteriorating physically until her body is simply no longer capable of allowing her to live any kind of
life at all. Now it is a matter of days before she goes on to Heaven. She is anxious to go. She is looking forward to meeting her Savior face to face. Soon she will be dancing again!
I won't say it isn't hard to let go because it is. She is my last living grandparent and we have always been close. When we were little she was the one who drove all the way from Riverside to wherever we lived at the time for every occasion. She was there for church events, school graduations, birthday parties, everything. We would spend time at her house and she would make up great games. Now that I am an adult I look more to her advice and her love. She is always willing to have us come visit and if I was unable to get there we would chat on the phone. I always call
her when I am doing dishes and she keeps me entertained and makes the time go by so much faster. I may never do dishes again! I am sure that will go over well with my family.
So now as we say goodbye to grandma, I am so happy for her. I am happy that she will finally be joining grandpa in Heaven where she has longed to be. Any sadness we feel is for those of us left behind because we will miss her but we will see her again, dancing!