Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confusing the Policeman

This afternoon the homeschooling group I am a part of went on a field trip to the local police station. Before we went in the officer who was going to do the tour informed the kids of the rules. While the twenty-five or so kids listened intently he told them not to run, not to touch anything and to make sure they were quiet so they didn't interrupt the dispatch workers. I don't think he expected the group's response. When they walked past the dispatch, not one child said a word. Every one of them from the two-year-olds to the eleven-year-olds were silent. The officer began to look slightly confused. Walking down the hall to look into the jail cell, they walked calmly and quietly without pushing. The officer was looking even more confused.

The best part was as they headed down the ramp to exit the building one of the children raised his hand. The officer called on him and the child asked, "May we please touch that?" Looking at what he was pointing at the adults began cracking up. He was asking if they had permission to touch the RAILING on the side of the ramp. Yes, that is right. Not one of the children had held the railing until then. After all, they had been told not to touch anything!

Outside the station the officer let each child have a turn climbing in the back of the police car and they each got a turn to pet the police dog. They all had a great time. I have never seen such a group of well-behaved children. I was proud of them. After all, the look of confusion on the officer's face was worth it all. I don't think he does many tours quite like that!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Dollhouse for our Princess

Jason's parents bought Grace this beautiful dollhouse for Christmas and filled it with an entire family of dolls. Here is the way it looked when Grace got it. Isn't it cute? Here is a picture of what the dollhouse looks like after a couple of weeks of play by our princess. Can you tell she has three brothers?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nine Years Old

Matthew turned nine today. Nine! Is that really possible? I think because he is so tiny (he is still less than fifty pounds) I can't think of him as anything other than a little boy even though I see an amazing young man starting to emerge. Happy birthday Matthew. You are now officially halfway to adulthood. Yikes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grace's Friends

This morning I went to help in the kitchen at church. There was a funeral and we were running the luncheon afterward. Since it is a home school day, I had all four kids with me. The three boys just went into the other room and Nathanael and Matthew did their schoolwork while Jonathan played. Grace on the other hand, is much to social a creature for that. She was determined to find reasons to come out during the luncheon. She is well known and loved by the older population and has many of them wrapped around her little finger. She had one of the men helping her dress her "Polly Pocket" doll when I informed her that she needed to stay in the room with her brothers so the people who had attended the funeral could enjoy their lunch. She looked devastated and had this to say


Very true little one. When the others heard her declaration there was no way they were going to let me banish her to the other room. They wanted to keep their little friend. She happily went back to having them play with her Polly Pocket. She also got them to rock her Cabbage Patch doll to sleep and even convinced one older gentleman to sing her dolly a lullaby.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shift Change

Jason just got switched to working days instead of nights. Yeah! It has been a while since he has been assigned anything but nights. I actually got used to him working all night so I didn't mind too much as long as he didn't get assigned swing shift. Not only did he get on the day shift but he gets Saturday through Monday off. Cool! Of course, it probably won't be long before he gets switched again but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hit a Wall

Okay, I think I have hit a wall when it comes to this blogging thing. I think of things to write about and then figure a similar topic is already on here somewhere so why bother. Between that and the fact that I have a Blackberry to read all of my friends' blogs, check facebook and emails there is really very little reason for me to get on an actual computer these days.

I know it has been a month since my last post. Here is what we've been up to......

Christmas. Nathanael got a Kindle. I wanted one desperately. I am spoiled. I got one for my birthday, which is today although I got my Kindle on Sunday. Did I mention I am spoiled?

New Years. We all made it to midnight. More like one a.m. actually, even for the three year old.

Family, friends, fun.

My grandmother had to go into the hospital. Much drama there. The fire department broke into her house to make sure she was breathing. She has been in the hospital for four days and is doing better. Tonight she should be heading to a rehabilitation center.

My dad fell down some stairs yesterday and is in a lot of pain. The doctor gave him several medications. He has diabetes and heals VERY slowly so keep him in your prayers.

I lost my camera over Christmas. Found it the other day at my parents' house so pictures MAY be coming to a blog near you soon. There are some fun pictures of one particular handmade gift that I gave to all of the family that you will love. That is another post though. This post is just a general update. Boring I know but at least I am on here for once. Sorry that I have hit a wall.

I am up for suggestions. Anything you want to read a post about?