Monday, December 14, 2009

Pajama Day?

This morning we were running late getting Nathanael to school. Okay so WE were not late, just I was running late. Nathanael and Matthew were ready to head out the door. I was busy snuggling with Jonathan and Grace who had come in to visit after they woke up. Since I jumped out of bed about five minutes before I was supposed to take Nathanael, I just threw on a jacket and shoes over my pajamas and we went to the car.

Matthew was worried. Extremely worried. You see, I just drive up and drop Nathanael off at school and never get out of the car. Matthew on the other hand, has to be signed in and out since he is still in elementary school and that is the way their charter school works. I knew I still had an hour before Matthew had to be there so I would have plenty of time to come home and shower and change. Matthew on the other hand, was not sure at all.

"Hey mom, you can't wear pajamas to take me to school."
"Why not? Isn't it pajama day?"
"No and even if it was the parents still have to get dressed."

I enjoy getting him riled up once in a while (I am mean like that) so I told him that I thought I would just stay in pajamas to sign him in.
He was now not just worried. He was panicked!
"No mom! They don't ALLOW parents to sign kids in if they are wearing pajamas! I will ask Dad to take me to school."

Jason had just gotten home from work as I finished showering and dressing. Wouldn't you know it, the first thing he did was put on his pajamas. He volunteered to take Matthew to school for me. In his pajamas of course. Matthew looked at his dad and then at me, now fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and announced,

"I think Mom should take me to school today!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shopping with Preschoolers

I have been checking out a blog that posts great deals all the time. I have taken advantage of a few of the online deals but until this morning I had never printed out coupons and done the in store shopping. This morning I finally got brave enough, packed up the two little ones and headed to Target with my handful of coupons. The kids drove me nuts. They aren't exactly patient when I spend a lot of time in one aisle deciding just which item will go with the coupon and which is the best deal. It was worth it though. I got seventy-five dollars worth of stuff for only forty dollars and I even got a five dollar gift certificate for next time. Cool! Next time I will go without two adorable preschoolers I think.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

California Weather Wimps

Okay, I admit it, I am a California weather wimp! Here in Southern California we are so used to our low temperatures being in the sixties that on days like today when it is only in the forties outside in the evenings, we think we are going to freeze. Brrr!

Bed Head

I gave Grace a bath last night just before bedtime. Since I didn't want her to go to bed with wet hair, I used my hair dryer and blew her hair dry. She loves watching her hair fly everywhere while I dry it. Then I brushed it out and sent her to bed.

A few minutes later I went in to say goodnight and turn out her light. She was in her bed but was still sitting up. When I told her to lay down she answered, "No mommy, I can't lay down. If I do it will mess up my beeeeuuuuutiful hair!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Pancake Monitor

Tonight Jason made pancakes and scrambled eggs because I have been under the weather and didn't feel like cooking. At dinner, Jason reached for another pancake. Jonathan said "Daddy, you already had three" (they were very little pancakes.) Jason said that he knew he had already had three but he was still hungry. Jonathan answered, "well, all right but after this you are DONE!"