Monday, September 28, 2009

Visiting with Characters

Nathanael's birthday at Disneyland wasn't crowded at all. Days like that are great for visiting all the characters that Grace is always begging to see but that we aren't usually willing to wait in the lines for. The big kids wanted nothing to do with it but Grace and Melissa (and a couple of times Jonathan) had a great time.

Minnie Mouse


Donald Duck


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse again

The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit
After this I finally convinced Grace to get out of her Snow White dress because it was WAY too hot for it.

I don't know her name but she is from the Tinkerbell movie (Anyone else know her name?)

Don't worry, we didn't waste Nathanael's whole birthday on character visits. Probably only about half an hour on main street. Then Jason took the boys on Star Tours while Michelle and I took the girls to see the Fairies. (Or Pixies, I guess? I am so not good with all the girl characters.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grace and Melissa with Minnie Mouse


Nathanael's Birthday

Nathanael turned eleven on Thursday. Eleven, seriously? You know it isn't my own age that makes me feel old. Rather, it is the age of my oldest that does it.

We went to Disneyland for his birthday. It was fun, not too crowded, but exceedingly hot. Like over 100 degrees hot. We kept going on all the long air conditioned rides. (Pirates, Small World, etc.) No outdoor rides like Dumbo were allowed.

Nathanael was born at 6:10pm. We happened to be standing near the Jungle Cruise when I noticed it was 6:09. We waited patiently and watched the clock. Have you noticed how slow time seems to go when you are waiting for the minute to change? When it finally changed to 6:10 our family and our friends Michelle and Melissa who were with us sang Happy Birthday to him while he tried to hide. Getting into the spirit of "the Happiest Place on Earth" everyone around us joined in. Then they all began to clap for him. He was embarrassed but he loved every second of it.

I love you Nathanael, now and forever. No matter how old you get or how big you grow you will always be my baby!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Aboard!

All aboard my train of thought!

I am out of room for the blue commentaries on my bookshelf
maybe some of them could go on the shelf with the red commentaries
But then they wouldn't match
Jonathan didn't match today
why does he think that a camouflage shirt goes with baseball shorts?
I think baseball is kind of boring
it is easier to follow than hockey though
at least they take turns and you know where the ball is
it isn't a ball in hockey though, it's a puck
I wonder why it is called a puck
kind of a strange word
Matthew could look it up
He likes strange words
Matthew needs to work on his cursive writing
His writing is too messy
so is Nathanael's actually
Nathanael's birthday is coming up on Thursday
Oh yeah, and my grandma's is next week
I wonder what she wants for her birthday
She is allergic to so many things
probably a visit would be her favorite thing
I should call her and set up a time
Okay, I need to get off this post and call grandma
Oh dear, Jonathan is up
I don't know why he is being fussy
Sorry grandma, I guess I will have to call another time
maybe tomorrow
then again it might be a week before I gather my thoughts up enough to pick up a phone.

Did you follow my thoughts? That is the way I think sometimes. Weird huh? Okay, I will now get off the train of thought and go back to regular posts that follow one thought through to the end. Tomorrow that is. For tonight I am done. Bye!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Jonathan Conversation

Mommy, you really shouldn't let Nathanael choose what TV Grace and I watch in the morning.
Why not?
Because he always turns on little kid shows and I am a big kid
What are little kid shows?
You know, like Little Einsteins.
So what are big kid shows?
Phineas and Ferb, Tom and Jerry, and Mickey Mouse.

Could it be that Mickey isn't a big kid show any more than Little Einsteins? Could it possibly be that he just doesn't want Little Einsteins because it is the show Grace likes and he prefers Mickey? Silly Boy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Must Have Been Someone Else

It must have been someone else that cleaned the kitchen yesterday because there is absolutely no way I would have been the one to put clorox wipes on all four of my children's feet and told them to skate around on the floor so I wouldn't have to mop. Nope, couldn't have been me!

Nathanael and Grace's Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from this morning's party for those of you who were unable to make it. Thanks to all who attended. The kids had a great birthday celebration. The boys painted wooden snakes and lizards while the girls stuffed and dressed baby dolls. They played on the playground and had tons of fun. They were so busy with their crafts that we never got around to playing kickball like Nathanael had planned. It was so fun seeing friends and family too.
The picture from the party invitations
Miss Nance (or Ance as Grace calls her) helping Grace stuff her baby doll
Grandma Mary cuddling with our niece Miriam (Don't you love how the red bowls give her Mickey ears?)
Nathanael got a Nintendo DS from Terry and her family.
Grace got money for her piggy bank from Mr. Bob

I love this natural smile from Nathanael. It is so hard to get him without a silly look or cheesy grin
Our niece Susie with a dirty face that was just making her cuter!
Our niece Miriam being beautiful
Grace with Grandma Mary and Papa Ken

Jonathan with his buddy Gabi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Animal Cookies for Breakfast

Jason this morning was being bad. He was sitting on the sofa eating animal cookies for breakfast. That was all fine until Grace walked in and saw him. "I want some cookies Daddy!" Very ashamed, he gave her one cookie and then closed up the bag and set it on the coffee table. He left for the store and I went to help Matthew with his schoolwork. A few minutes later Matthew says "um, mom, just how many of those cookies is Grace allowed to eat?" Looking over at the sofa I saw this.........
Isn't this just the cat who ate the canary, I mean cookie?
Time for more!
Happy girl! At least she was happy until I took the cookies away right after snapping this picture. Gotta love those pink and white animal cookies!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exploding Head!

I have been fighting a migraine since last night. A major migraine. The kind where I hide in the dark, cover my head and pretend my kids don't exist. The kind that hurts so bad I get sick to my stomach.

Jason got home from work this morning and took over with the kids. He never got to go to sleep at all. Not sure how he did it.

I never realized just how noisy my firstborn was before today. He yells to stop the little ones from doing something. He yells when he is angry, or excited, or sometimes for no reason at all. He about made my head explode!

I did make sure the kids got their schoolwork done. It is finished but I didn't correct it so who knows if it is done properly. Oh well, maybe my head won't be exploding tomorrow and we can go over their work then.

Nathanael and Grace have their birthday party Saturday. Tomorrow we have to do all the preparations. I hope I can function better tomorrow. We have to go to Temecula and get all the stuff for the party. Sandwich Stuff, Chips and Cake for fifty people. Nothing complicated. For now I am going to head to bed and sleep off this headache, I hope.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #29

Cool Picture by Nathanael

Note: He has a whole series of these cool cloud pics that he plans to post on his new blog, photo frenzy. It is a private blog so if you need an invite let me know!

Learning to Read

Jonathan has learned his letters recently but can't spell anything but his name yet. This morning on the way home from taking the older boys to school he points at the Bank of America sign and says "that sign says B...A....N....K and that spells Bank of America!" I know that it was just sign recognition because we do our banking there but he got all the letters right. yeah Jonathan! He is brilliant. (And watching the Letter Factory movie with Grace once or twice every day for the last month is helpful too. See, TV is educational. Never mind that I just let them watch it so they will leave us alone while I do schoolwork with the big kids.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grace's Birthday Trip to Disneyland

Here are just some cute pictures of Grace's birthday at Disneyland. Doesn't she make a beautiful Alice in Wonderland?

Fun Carousel picture by Nathanael

Two handsome boys
Sleeping through the Small World ride that she had been begging to go on.

A great day at Disneyland was topped of with a birthday stop at Claim Jumper. Yummy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Summer is Officially Over

Matthew had a great summer. A summer filled with trampolines and swimming pools, camping and bowling, Disneyland and grandparents houses. All of this he did relatively asthma free. He used his inhaler no more than once a week. It has really been a beautiful summer. Apparently the summer is over now.

We had severe fires fairly close to our house within the last few weeks. This messed up the air and also messed up our little boy's breathing. He couldn't leave the house without using an inhaler first and within five minutes of being outside he was feeling like he needed it again. So we kept him confined. We cancelled play dates, made him stay inside for recess and picked him up from school before lunch so he wouldn't have to go outside. Still he struggled.

The air is better now. The fires have been cleared (thank you to the brave men and women who risked their lives to save the lives and property of so many people) and the air seems to have returned to it's usual state. Matthew's lungs, however have not returned to normal. He is still having to use his inhaler at least once a day and sometimes several times a day. So on Monday I will call and make him an appointment with his asthma specialist to get him back onto daily medication like he was on last winter. The doctor told us that he would probably need to go back to having daily medications once the weather cooled in the fall but we figured we would have longer since it is still close to 100 degrees outside. We hate to medicate him but his breathing just isn't getting better on its own.

Please pray for Matthew. Of course, what we would prefer is that he could be cured from his asthma completely but if that isn't in God's plan we pray that the doctors will be able to help him to control his condition so he can get back to having fun. He really does want to run and play outside. He mainly just wants to be a kid.

Yes Ma'am!

On the way home from Disneyland last night I told the children that they needed to help tidy up the living room and dining room and then they could play until bedtime. Nathanael answered with a sweet "yes ma'am." Matthew started to fuss and Nathanael stopped him immediately with a "just say yes ma'am, it makes life much easier!" See, they do learn eventually.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Sisters?

I grew up with just one brother. No sisters. No one to giggle with late into the night or tell all about the latest guy I was in love with. I didn't realize what I was missing. Now I have not one but two amazing sisters. My brother married a wonderful woman whom I love very much and she became my first sister. Three months later Jason and I got married and his sister became my second sister.

Today is Jason's sister, Christy's fortieth birthday. I am so glad she has become my sister. She is funny and kind and so great to be with. When we are together we can giggle late into the night, play games and have fun. I know she is willing to listen if I have a problem and don't know what to do. She may or may not have an answer but she would be there to listen and to pray with me. Her circumstances are different than mine and she has to work full time. Still she and her husband have managed to raise a sweet, fun, brilliant son. I am not sure I could ever do as well if I had to work full time. She struggles daily trying to live as God would have her to when the pull of so many other things are pulling her the opposite direction. I pray that she will succeed in all that she tries to do. I love you, my sister and my friend!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Snorkeling in the Backyard

When we went on a Mexican cruise, we got Nathanael and Matthew snorkeling sets. Mostly they use them in our backyard pool. Jonathan and Grace have always been upset that they didn't have any so when I found these at Target the other day (On clearance I might add) I just had to get them for them. I didn't know they even made snorkeling sets in preschooler size!

For Renee

My friend Renee Garcia has a beautiful little girl named Kennedy. (She has three other beautiful kids too, in case you were wondering.) Kennedy has down syndrome. Dealing with the issues in Kennedy made Renee and her husband Frank decide they could do it again. They are adopting a little girl named Kellsey. Her button is on my sidebar. Kellsey and Kennedy will have so much fun together when they are able to get Kellsey home. We have been praying for all the snags to work out so Kellsey can come home. We know it is in God's hands but we still want it to happen NOW! I am not known for wanting to wait for things......

Yesterday I went with my mom, who has also been praying for Renee and her family, to visit my grandmother in Riverside. Just down the street from her house we ran across this intersection. We had to stop and take pictures. Kellsey is spelled wrong but it is pretty cool anyway. No, I didn't touch up the pictures in any way. It was an amazingly clear day with blue skies.

This is what sits on this intersection; a little country church.

We are so excited to see how God works things out in the Garcia household!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Giggle Buddies

Two cute girls, ready for church on Sunday morning.
We had a fun family get together at my parent's house today. When my brother's family needed to leave his six year old, Annie didn't want to go home. Since Monday is a day off of school we decided to let Annie spend the next couple of days here. Grace is so excited to have a giggle-buddy. They played together in the bath and jumped happily in side-by-side beds in Grace's room. When the giggling finally stopped I went to check on them. They had taken all of the stuffed animals they could find and piled them on Annie's bed. Then they climbed together onto Grace's bed and fell asleep. I guess in order to properly giggle you have to be close together!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Secret Life?

Grace was playing on the playground at John's Incredible Pizza Company this afternoon. She picked up the toy phone and said:

Hello? Hello, secret guy? Oh, hi secret guy. Yes, I will meet you on Broadway. I am going to sing there. Okay, I will see you on Friday. Bye secret guy!

What, does my almost three year old live a secret life of some sort? Where does a child that age even hear of Broadway, much less know that people sing there? I am very confused. She doesn't seem to know where she learned about it. What have they been teaching them at the preschool room at church anyway?

Grace's Birthday

Our friend asked Grace what she wanted for her birthday. This caused much pondering. She wasn't sure if she wanted baby dolls or games, clothes or shoes. Finally, with a big grin she announced her choice, money! Where does a little girl come up with this stuff?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daddy's Car

This morning on the way to take Nathanael to school Jonathan pointed and exclaimed , "There is Daddy in his car!" I wasn't sure what car he was pointing at so I asked him which one.
That one, Daddy's car!
Still confused I asked if the car was small like Daddy's.
Was it silver like Daddy's.
Then why do you think it was Daddy's car?
Well, because it was a car!

Wordless Wednesday #27

Beautiful and Very Silly!