Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Grace's fever disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Praise God! The doctor said it was just a virus that little kids get and not to worry about it as long as it didn't last too long. It only lasted for a day and she was back up and running and fever free. Yeah! So we get to go on vacation tomorrow like we planned.

We are going to see Jason's grandma in Bakersfield tomorrow afternoon and then driving the rest of the way into San Jose to stay at my parent's house for a few days. On Saturday we are driving to Paso Robles to see Jason's parents. Then next Tuesday his parents are driving back down to Southern California with us and we are going to Disneyland for four days. We have a hotel booked that is right across from the main entrance. Should be a fun trip. Our friends will be staying at our house and taking care of the dogs. So thankful for good friends!

I have cute pictures to upload from Grace at dance class the other day but I think it will wait until we return to add them on here. I still have some things to pack. Taking six people on a ten day trip takes a lot of STUFF!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Again!

Grace woke up at four o'clock this morning with a fever. We gave her medicine and she dozed for a few minutes at a time after that. We went ahead and went to church this morning but just put her in a stroller and sat her next to us since she obviously couldn't go to the nursery. She slept all the way through the service and half of the way through Sunday School. She was awake during lunch but didn't eat much and spent her time telling us that she was "Weally Weally tired!" We got home and she went right back to sleep. Pray that she get over whatever bug she has quickly since we are supposed to leave for vacation on Wednesday. If she has a fever in the morning I am going to take her to the pediatrician even though I am sure they will just say it is a virus. We are so done dealing with fevers around here!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer has Begun

School finished for the boys last week. Now it is mornings filled with cartoons and play dates, afternoons playing outside and basically doing nothing productive. So much fun. Of course, I ordered Matthew's books for next year and they have started coming in which means my thoughts immediately turn to lesson plans and how to make 200 math lessons fit into 160 days of school. (who thought of that one?) So while the boys spend their time with video games and novels, I spend mine with science books and history decisions to be made. Now does that seem fair? No, I didn't think so.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Laker Frenzy

Jason doesn't watch many sports. He doesn't watch baseball, football, hockey, tennis, soccer or golf. Just basketball. Not only that, he only watches one specific team... the Lakers. He DVRs the Laker games and then watches them once a little bit of time has built up and he can watch them without commercials. The boys have all decided they like basketball too. I think I have bought thousands of basketball cards for three little boys in the last year. They all have Laker outfits. Even Grace has a laker dress (That I sewed myself, thank you very much) with matching hairbows and knows how to say "Go Lakers!"

Now that the Lakers are going for the championship, it has gotten worse. Evey morning Jonathan asks if there is a Laker game that day so he can dress in purple and gold. Grace tries to convince me to buy her the little tykes basketball hoop so she can be a Laker. Nathanael decided to be funny last night and cheer for the Magic while we watched the Laker/Magic game. He yelled "Go Magic" and was told he could go somewhere else if he was going to cheer for the wrong team. Oh well, only a few more games and then it will be done. Yeah! Of course, it is only a few months before preseason games start and the frenzy will start all over. Oh well. It is pretty fun to have something to cheer for.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Funny Little Girl

Okay, enough gloominess already. Sorry for venting to you all. Here is a happier story for your reading enjoyment.

This morning I got Grace all dressed cute in a pink and white dress with matching hairbows, matching pink shorts with a pull up just in case she had an accident and little white sandals. She looked very cute. We took her to church and dropped her off in the preschool class where she had a great morning. We picked her up from her class after church and she was happy and cute still. She even still had her hairbows in. I was impressed.

It wasn't until we went to lunch that we discovered the problem with her attire. Jason took her to the bathroom and when he brought her back he said she wasn't wearing anything under her dress. You mean she isn't wearing her shorts? No, I mean she is wearing NOTHING under her dress! Apparently when they let her go to the bathroom she pulled off her shorts and pull up which she has a habit of doing. When she was done she didn't get a worker to help her put them back on. She just went back to playing. Good thing she didn't have an accident after that.

This afternoon Jason took a trip to the church to find her shorts. The nursery worker had found her shorts and pull up on the bathroom floor when she was cleaning up after the service and had been very confused. Can you imagine being the worker who found that and then wondering which preschooler you had sent home naked? Too funny!


I have had a couple of letters from very close friends who attend our church (I guess I should say our former church but that just sounds weird.) They feel hurt and even betrayed by our decision to change congregations. In response, I cry. A lot. I feel so lonely and isolated anyway. Being a stay at home mom means that most of my close friends are church friends. I hate to know that I have hurt some of those that I love the most.

Another family that left our church a year ago had a mom in the same situation. I love her and prayed for her often. I did not, however truly understand all that she was going through. Now I do. So, although I am at peace with our decision to find a new church home, I really need prayer about my emotions during this time. Please continue to pray for our family during this time and pray that we would find a church soon that will be a place where our children can come to know Christ.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

California Kids?

The other day I went to the eye doctor (still have great vision and don't need glasses by the way. Yeah!) and I took Jonathan with me. He was cute and charmed everyone there. One of the ladies went and got him a coloring sheet. It was basically a Coppertone sunblock ad that you color in yourself. He had so much fun listing the things he saw; shovels and pails, hats and sunglasses, swimsuits and beach umbrellas. Then he looked up and me and said something that made me realize that I have done a disservice to my four little California kids. He asked, "Is there such a thing as a REAL beach mommy or are they just pretend?" Seriously? Thinking back, he has never seen the beach. Very strange since we live only about an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean. He saw the shoreline when we went on the Alaskan cruise but he was less than two years old then. How sad is that? I guess a trip to the beach is in order. I told him we would plan a day at the beach when his daddy is on vacation in a couple of weeks. He got so excited and started listing all of the things in the picture again as things that we needed to make sure and pack. Shovels and pails, hats and.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #24

One Year Ago

Matthew Won

Matthew won. He went to the party today. Are you surprised that he wore me down? No, I am not either. I guess he really did feel fine because he ate eight slices of watermelon. He is still feeling okay after that too. I wouldn't feel okay after that! He had fun at the park in a thunderstorm where they watched lightning. May not have been the safest adventure but his entire class had a great time.

The boys are now officially out of school. Nathanael is now a sixth grader and Matthew is a fourth grader. Only one more year until Jonathan starts Kindergarten and two until Grace starts. Yikes!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling Better

The two preschoolers are feeling a lot better. Fevers have gone down and their energy has perked up. They do not, however, want to swallow large quantities of food or drink, even if bribed with Popsicles. They haven't even touched the vanilla ice cream that their doctor said would be the thing they would enjoy and be able to swallow the most. The best thing I can get them to swallow is those little drinkable yogurts. Do you think two little kids can survive on two yogurt drinks a piece per day? Apparently we are going to find out.

Matthew is a whole different story. His fever suddenly disappeared this morning and he ate a PB&J sandwich and drank apple juice. He played happily all afternoon and then ate a normal dinner. He says he can't drink milk though because it makes him "feel kind of funny." Tomorrow is his last day of school and they are having a party at the park. He has been so excited about it. So part of my wants to say that even though he appears to be all well he might not be as well as he is making himself out to be. He really wants to go to school tomorrow. He doesn't have a fever but there is the whole milk making him feel funny thing. Not sure if we should allow him to go to school tomorrow or not. Making mommy decisions is hard!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sick Kiddo Update

Here is a quick update on our little sickies. I took Nathanael to school this morning and then drove to Riverside so the other three could see the doctor. We got to see their regular pediatrician this time which I was very happy about. (It was a different doctor when I took Grace on Friday.) He looked at them and said none of them has strep throat. They all have a highly contagious virus that causes yucky throats and fevers up to 106 for up to a week. (A WEEK..... Seriously?!) He took Grace off of the antibiotic the other doctor had put her on and said to just give it time and Motrin. Our favorite combination. Matthew was coughing the entire trip there and of course he had forgotten his inhaler. When the doctor heard him, he gave him a sample inhaler and the coughing subsided. So very thankful for samples!