Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disneyland Day

Today the kids and I went to Disneyland with my friend Mindy and her son Danny. I enjoyed spending time with Mindy. I did not, however, enjoy the fact that Nathanael and Jonathan argued the entire drive there and back or the fact that the drive back took an hour longer than usual because we left at rush hour. Next time we will have to take separate cars so the kids aren't in quite as close quarters. By the time we got home, I was ready to retire from the mommy business, at least for a while.

One great thing about the day was that Grace stayed dry all day. She even told me when she had to poop which is a first for her. Leave it to my daughter to choose a busy day at Disneyland to decide to potty train. On the way home she kept saying "I potty mommy, I potty." We were of course in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get her to a restroom. After a few minutes she demanded "Get this diaper off me!" because she had wet her pull up. Very cute.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Friends! I've Missed You!

Our internet is working again. Yeah! It is back and better than ever. We have Fios now (Verizon's fiber optic network) and it is much faster. I have had so many times lately that I have thought of something creative or clever or one of the kids have said something cute and I wanted to blog about it and couldn't. It is very stifling to my creativity not to have internet. I will write more later. For now I close with this....

The other day Nathanael said a church friend was taking his girlfriend to Disneyland for her birthday that day.

Me: We should go to Disneyland and crash the party.
Jonathan: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
What, we can't go to Disneyland?
No, we can go to Disneyland. We can't crash the party though because it would squish the cake!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calling Mommy

On our way to my cousin's baby shower today we stopped to get Matthew some asthma medicine. Jason dropped Nathanael and I off at the drug store and while I was in there he was going to drive through and get some protein for the kids who forgot to eat breakfast. After he dropped us off and started to drive away, Jonathan went into hysterics. He did not appreciate that they were leaving us behind. We might not know that they were over there. After they got to Sonic, in the drive through he found a solution to his problem. He picked up his Winnie the Pooh cell phone and said into it. "Mommy, we are just over at Sonic." He then closed the phone and with a satisfied look announced to his daddy, "Okay, she knows where we are now."

Grace's Brothers

We bought the little ones a small wood playhouse that we are going to put up when we finish getting rid of the weeds in the backyard. Jason was out the other day tackling the jungle and ran out of weed wacker line. Grace and I headed to Sears to get a new spool of it. The Sears man was having fun talking to Grace and asked her if she was going to do yard work. This was her answer... "Daddy do yard work for to build a playhouse for me and my five brothers." FIVE brothers? Somehow I only remember giving birth to three. Don't you think three brothers is enough for one little girl? Maybe the other two are imaginary.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Testing Week

It is testing week for the boys. That means that they don't have much schoolwork except for hours of testing each day. Nathanael's teacher has them read if they finish their tests before the other kids. He always finishes early. She gave him "Johnny Tremain" to read. He finished it. So she gave him "Behind Rebel Lines" and he finished it. She gave up and let him bring in whatever he wants to read from home. The kid is a reading maniac!

Matthew went in to the testing site. The teacher in his testing room let him read after his tests as well. He got a brand new book called "If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln" to read. I figured it would be a good book to keep him occupied for a while and would be educational as well. He doesn't read as voraciously as his brother so I figured one book should be plenty for the three days of testing. I underestimated him. He got really into the book and finished it. Sigh. Time to get "If you Sailed on the Mayflower." Yes, I know the history is in the wrong order. Oops. You know we homeschoolers don't like to conform to rules of organized schooling. Tee Hee.

Wordless Wednesday #21

The Best Part of Soccer!

Singing Class

This week Grace's dance class introduced a new time; Singing time! Mrs. Dawn pulled out the microphone and everything. Each girl got a chance to sing a solo into the microphone. Here is Grace singing "If you're Happy and You Know It". Really hard to hear but extremely cute anyway. She had absolutely no fear of singing in front of everyone.


Secret Spy Grace

This morning Jonathan and Grace were playing quietly in the playroom. At one point Grace came running out and told me:

We have to save rocket! The tiny penguin fits but the red and blue cars don't fit.

She then proceeded to go back to the playroom and play. Do you think it was some type of code? Maybe she is a secret spy of some sort. Who knows? I, being a mommy of four, decided that saving rocket simply wasn't worth the effort it would take to investigate and since they were playing nicely I didn't check it out. The world will probably never know what she was talking about.

A New Place to Blog

I am at my parents Hemet home so I can get on my blog. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Now to remember all the things that I thought of in the past week and thought I should blog about and couldn't because our internet isn't working.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wordless Week

As my brother pointed out, it has been silent on this blog. Sorry. We had a different phone and cable system put in and while installing it they managed to mess up our internet connection. I am typing this on my phone which is very annoying to have to do. Hopefully we can get our internet up and running soon so I can tell all my stories to the couple of people who read this. I'll be back.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who's Needs are Greatest at the Moment?

Yesterday was Matthew's science fair. It was scheduled to start at 1:30 and go until 3:30. Well, Jonathan, Grace and I had a playdate in the morning and when we got home Grace fell asleep. Right at the time we were supposed to leave for the science fair. So here is one of the times when being the parent of more than one child is difficult. Who's needs are greatest at the moment? What becomes more important? The exhausted toddler who obviously needs a nap or the third grader who wants his family to see him present his work. I did what almost any mommy of more than one child does, I compromised. I let Grace sleep about half an hour and then woke her up to take to the science fair. She was still tired and not happy with me for waking her up. We got to the science fair a little after 2:00 and the presentations were going on. Matthew looked at me with a devastated little face and said "I already did my presentation, Mom." Okay, so break this mommy's heart. Poor little kid. I know, the benefits of having siblings far outweigh the times when they would be glad to be an only child but at times like these I feel like someone is being cheated. Sorry babies, I will try to do better next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Liquid Science

It is Science fair time. You know that fun time of the year when kids figure out something fun and make a display of it and parents end up doing most of the work? Well, we already did a science fair project with Nathanael this year. I will post his work in a later post. Matthew needed to get his done by Monday if he wants to be part of his school's Science fair. It isn't a requirement or anything but we decided it would be a good idea. He couldn't think of anything so we headed to the library to check out a book on Science projects. He chose a project, gathered the materials and prepared to do the experiment. It was then that we realized that the book told what materials to use, every step of the experiment, the results of the experiment and even what conclusions you should draw from it. Does that sound like fun? No, it didn't to us either. Matthew then decided to come up with his own idea. He wanted to find out which liquid weighs more. He named it Liquid Science and got started. Of course, our regular kitchen scale was not accurate enough and we had to go out and spend $30 on a new scale but I suppose that is a small price to pay to allow our son to be creative. He had so much fun with his experiment and his hypotheses was even correct. Salt water does indeed weigh more than regular water, cranberry juice, chocolate milk, hand soap and even laundry detergent. I was surprised but he wasn't. He is one smart little kid.

I don't like THAT Dress!

I bought the boys cute matching shirts for Easter. They are white with blue and green stripes on them with matching blue ties. I got Grace a dress that coordinates with them. You probably remember seeing the Easter pictures I posted before. Well here is the way I planned for her to look.
Our little princess, on the other hand, had other ideas. I pulled her blue dress out and she
pointedly announced, "I don't LIKE that dress! I like THAT dress! She pointed at a dress hanging in her closet that still had tags on it. I got it several months ago and was waiting for the summer for her to wear it. I decided that it really wasn't worth arguing and if she wanted to express her personality by picking out her own Easter dress, so be it. Here is the way she ended up looking.

This little girl definitely has ideas of her own!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Meaning of Easter

Jonathan seems very excited about Easter tomorrow. I asked him why we celebrate Easter, wondering if he would say bunnies and eggs or maybe candy. Instead he looked at me steadily and announced, "We celebrate Easter because we have sinned and can't go to Heaven. So God sent Jesus to us. We have Christmas to celebrate him coming. Then Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we can go to Heaven after all. That is why we celebrate Easter. Matthew made sure to clarify for him that Jesus didn't stay dead. He rose from the dead and that is why we celebrate. I am constantly amazed by the clarity of all that Jonathan understands. What about you? Do you celebrate Easter only because of the bunnies, eggs and candy? Or do you understand the truth?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Not so Elderly Elders

This morning while we were in the waiting room at the pediatric asthma specialist's office, we noticed something funny. They were very recognizable. Two guys in dress pants, button down shirts, ties, black backpacks and badges that said "Elder Reed" or whatever their last name happened to be. They were Latter-Day-Saint "elders" and one of them had an appointment. In pediatrics. Seriously! Can you really be called an "elder" if you are young enough to see a pediatrician?

A medical Update on Matthew

Matthew has been having respiratory trouble recently. He had asthma type symptoms when he was little but hadn't had a flair up since he was about two. The last few months it has been back. His doctor gave him an inhaler and a referral to an asthma specialist to determine if it is actually asthma or just allergies or a virus. Today we went to that specialist. They were very thorough. They listened to him breathe, did breathing tests, a breathing treatment and then did all the tests again so see how the breathing treatment affected him. They decided that he does indeed have asthma. He is now on a twice daily medicine and still has his inhaler for sudden flare ups. Lately just his laughing hysterically with his brothers before bed has caused him to need an inhaler. We are praying that the medicine will help him so he can laugh and play again without coughing and wheezing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #19

Feeding the Geese

The Easter Bunny

Today I was at Target with Matthew and Jonathan. While Jonathan was exploring an aisle I asked Matthew who fills his Easter basket every year. You could see the enlightenment hit him. He looked at me and whispered, "You and Daddy do." I told him he was right but that he shouldn't tell his younger siblings because it was fun to pretend. You could just see his little brain working. All of a sudden he grinned at me and announced "Now I know who eats all the cookies we put out at Christmas!"

Along the same lines, earlier we were at Ontario Mills mall and walked by the Easter Bunny. Guess we have never really made a big deal of the Easter Bunny because when Grace saw him she joyously exclaimed, "Look Mommy, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland." Okay, in two year old talk it was more like "Mommy, White Rabbit, Ali Eeeland" but I am sure you get the point. Too cute.

Jonathan's Fire Station

The boys had a fire station. It was kind of like a dollhouse but way cooler. It had a fire truck, a dispatch station, fire poles, etc. The boys all had a great time with it for a year or so. Then is sat unnoticed. I finally got tired of it taking up room in the playroom and decided to donate it to the Cancer Society yard sale. As we were driving it over, Jonathan asked, "Mommy, why are we taking my fire station?" I told him that we were giving it to the yard sale and someone would buy it. That would give the Cancer Cociety more money to help people who are sick to get better. With the now familiar roll of his eyes and the look that said that his mom is incredibly stupid, Jonathan announced, "My fire station can't help sick people get better Mom. It is only a PRETEND fire station!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making Breakfast for Mommy

Jonathan asked me what we were going to eat for breakfast this morning. Then he said:
Mommy, I will make you toast for breakfast
You can't make toast by yourself
I will get the bread, you pick me up. Then I put the toast in the toaster and you turn it on and hold me up until it is done. Then I will take it out and you can put butter on it. That is how I make you toast!

Is it just me or does that sound like more work than my just making myself the toast to begin with?

A More Natural Picture

So if you liked the wordless Wednesday this week but thought the kids looked a little stiff..... here is a more natural picture of them. Nathanael is being goofy, Jonathan is laughing hysterically, Grace is worried about her crazy brothers and Matthew is smiling nicely and completely frozen. Notice how straight Matthew is sitting. He wanted to be taller than Jonathan. Being taller than Jonathan is very important to him you see.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #18

Cute Kids Dressed for Easter

I Am Only Hungry Now!

This morning Jonathan was helping put away groceries and asked if he could have a fruit snack. I told him no, but he could have one when we go on a picnic with his friends later.
But Mommy, I am hungry!
You may have a fruit snack with lunch.
But I am hungry now!
You may have an apple now but not a fruit snack.
I am not hungry for an apple. I am hungry for a fruit snack.
You may have a fruit snack with lunch.
Well, I won't be hungry at lunch. I am only hungry now!
No way he could be convinced that he would definitely be hungry at lunch if he was already hungry now and wasn't eating anything now. Silly boy. He ran off to his room in a huff!