Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time For Shopping!

Grace has had a growth spurt lately. A month ago her 3t pants fit great. Two weeks later they were well above her ankles and looking like capris. You know what this meant? Time for shopping! Most people go shopping at the mall or Target or Walmart. Not me. I go shopping in the garage. My friend Michelle has a little girl named Melissa who gives Grace all of her clothes when she outgrows them. Bags and bags of clothes. So many clothes that I separate them into sizes and put them into bins for Grace to grow into. So I went and got her 4t bins. It was almost three whole loads of laundry. I love this kind of shopping!
"Some" of the clothes Melissa gave Grace. Yes, there were more. There was still a load in the dryer when I took these pictures.

Don't Tell Grandma!

My parents got a sofa and loveseat from a friend of mine for their new house. Aren't they pretty?

Here is the sofa and loveseat when used properly by three crazy kids. Don't tell their grandma, okay?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Matthew Does Outreach

After church today our Sunday School class had an outreach event. We went door to door in the neighborhood around the church and gave out little packages of cookies that we baked yesterday and invitations to our Easter services. I went with my friend Sonta. She took one of her children and I took Nathanael and Matthew.

Our town has a lot of empty houses. The mortgage crisis has hit our town hard and many homes have been foreclosed. We came across several houses that were empty and several more that were for sale. We had visited lots of these houses and got kind of tired of going up and down driveways for nothing. We came across a home that looked deserted. No car in the driveway, overgrown yard, you know the look. Sonta and I said we should just skip that house and move on. Matthew, however, wanted none of that. He said "but someone might live there and if they do, they need to go to church so we should go to it anyway." Okay, so we felt guilty. We dutifully trudged up the empty driveway and knocked on the door. Much to our surprise, the door was opened by a woman and a little girl who was very excited to get the package of cookies and seemed really impressed that the church went to so much trouble for them. It was really sweet......and humbling. It took an eight year old to convince us to visit a home and share an invitation to church. The eight year old believed that if there was indeed someone at that house, they should have the opportunity to hear about Christ. How about you? Would you have had as much faith and determination as he did?

If Mommy Says "No"

My parents bought a house here in town. It just closed escrow last week. They aren't moving into it until they retire so until then they will have a beautiful vacation home when they come to see their grandchildren (and their children as well but you know how that is). Since they weren't in town when escrow closed, our family went and got the keys and went over and looked at what needed to be done. So much fun to put in shelf paper and make things nice.

While we were over getting things situated, the children played outside and also ran around the empty house. They didn't seem to notice that Papa and Grandma were not actually at the house. Until Grace wanted to take off her helmet and ride her scooter and tricycle. When she was informed that she had to keep the helmet on if she wanted to ride, she searched the entire house yelling "Grandma, Grandma!" Guess she thought, if mommy says no, she should ask grandma. She must not know her grandma very well. Even if Grandma had been there, Grace would have still had to wear the helmet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #17

Grandma Sharon and Matthew Ready for the Toy Story Ride in California Adventure!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wine or Grape Juice?

On the way home from Costco tonight Matthew asked me many theological questions.
  • How can Jesus take away sins that we haven't even commited yet?
  • Why does he ask us to be baptized?
  • When can I call myself a Christian?
  • Why do we use grape juice for the Lord's supper and some places use wine?

As you can guess, it was a very interesting conversation. The most important one in his mind was definitely the grape juice versus wine question. He finally decided that drinking a little bit of wine was not a good idea because if you drink a little bit you would want more and that could make you drunk. The Bible says not to become drunk. He also said that if you drink grape juice you might want to drink more but that would be okay because Grapes are good for you anyway. I love theological discussions with the eight year old!

The Eye Rolling Has Begun

The other day we were getting ready to go play at a friend's house. I told Jonathan to go to the restroom before we left. He said he didn't have to go. I asked him to try anyway because we were heading out for his friend Anthony's house. With a condescending voice and a huge roll of the eyes Jonathan responded, "Mom, Anthony HAS a bathroom!" Well of course I knew that. I just thought he might forget to go to the restroom once he was busy playing with his friends. Crazy kid! Isn't eye rolling for teenagers?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Small World

Grace and Uncle David in the line for It's a Small World on Friday. Notice that there is absolutely no one behind them. Does that mean there wasn't anyone there that day?

Okay, maybe not. Here they are from another angle. It was packed on Friday. Not sure how I managed to get that one picture without anyone in view. There was a huge crowd but we still had a nice day. So glad that we have passes so we don't feel cheated when we don't get to do very much in one day.

Jonathan Starts Soccer

Jonathan started soccer practice this week. He is on the same team as a couple of his friends. His team is the monkeys..... isn't that appropriate?

Another Boy Goes to Camp

Nathanael spent the last couple of days at Astro Camp in Idyllwild. He had a great time. He loved so many things about camp. He came home happy and tired and dirty. Overall a great experience. He went with his school. Not very many kids from his class was able to go but his teacher did so I didn't worry about him nearly as much as I did when Matthew went to camp. Here are some pictures from when I dropped him off and picked him up. His teacher says she got some pictures of him actually at camp so hopefully I will get them from her and post them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Sewing Addict

The other day I was sewing a robe for Nathanael and decided to take a break to make lunch. While I was in the kitchen Grace figured that it was her turn to sew. I thought she was just going to sit by the sewing machine and I thought it was cute so I got my camera. Here is what she was doing....

Getting material to put in the machine

Got the material put in properly and snapped the needle down to start sewing

Pushing the buttons to decide what type of stitch she wanted

Turning the machine on

Yep, she had it pretty much figured out. Of course, she should actually have turned on the machine before trying to program the stitches but other than that she had it right. Good thing her little feet don't reach the pedal to start the machine!

Wordless Wednesday #16

Disneyland Buddies

A Reluctant President

Matthew asked when Presidents' Day is. I replied that it is in February by Jonathan's birthday. In fact, Jonathan happened to be born on Presidents' Day. When Matthew heard that, he got very excited. He told Jonathan he could be president someday. Jonathan asked what a president did. Matthew said they were in charge of the entire country and Jonathan was all for it. Jonathan said he would be president after he was done being a fireman and before he bacame a policeman. Matthew told him "You will have to be a policeman before you are president because while you are president you will probably die. Lincoln was shot, Washington died in a war and Kennedy was shot too. President Obama will probably be shot too because he is black and a lot of people don't like black people although I don't know why it matters what color he is. Presidents have a big chance of dying though." Jonathan immediately decided he did NOT want to be president. I don't think I blame him. Listening to Matthew, it doesn't sound like a very appealing job!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Trip to Outer Space

A story by Jonathan David Reed, age four..... as told to his mommy who knows how to type much better than he does.

When I go to outer space, I jumped on the planet that was Mars. Then I hopped into a spaceship and then the spaceship went light speed and then it went to my house. Then it went to a castle that was far away in outer space. I looked at the stars. Then I found Ewoks which were rubber duckies! Do you know what they are? They are duckies that are Ewoks that have candy canes that are weapons which can't kill you on your neck. Second, I pushed the button and then a puzzle came out of outer space into the spaceship. Then the puzzle came to me and I fixed it. Then I pushed another button. Then do you know what happened when I pushed the green button? Fruit loops came! They were yummy and I ate them. My tummy was full and it was not hurting. I brought my spaceship back home then and gave it to my mom. The end!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Short Term Memory Checker

Here is a cute game that you are supposed to memorize the items and then pick them out of a group of items. I am really bad at it. I keep losing on level three. Pitiful I know. How do you do on it?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Check It Out!

My friend Kammy has a photography business. Today we took the kids to her studio for an Easter photo shoot. She posted a few of the pictures on her business website. Check it out!

A "Pretend" Phone Call

Today we cleaned out the playroom. It was scary. How could a room with that many cabinets still end up with all of the toys on the floor? Jason and I had the two older boys help organize while the little ones played in the other room because they were getting underfoot. Grace was playing with a little Fisher-Price telephone in the living room. At one point, she ran into the playroom carrying the phone and yelled, "Mommy, phone, it is Terry. Mommy, phone rings." I told her that I didn't have time to play telephone right then and that she should go back to the living room, which she did. A while later when we were done organizing I went into the living room. Picking up my cellphone it said I had missed a call...... yep, right about the time Grace came and told me that the phone was ringing. Believe it or not it actually was my friend Terry. Not sure how Grace guessed that part. Maybe next time she tells me a phone is ringing I should check the real phone and not just the Fisher-Price phone.

Chocolate Beans

Yesterday Jason made homemade chili for dinner. He included both pinto and kidney beans. While we were eating, Jonathan took a big bite and promptly spit out a kidney bean. With a sour face he exclaimed, "I like the regular beans but not the chocolate ones!" Guess dark beans just aren't his thing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Lizard for Nathanael and an Outfit for Grace

Here are a couple of my latest creations. Nathanael got a lizard pillow (Matthew got a frog pillow but I haven't taken a picture of it yet) and Grace got this outfit. I was so proud of the outfit. I think it came out so cute. The bottom are actually shorts but they have the panel in front so it looks like a skirt and I came up with the idea of using two patterns and placing a strip of the alternate fabric on each piece. She joyously ran to show her daddy her new outfit and do you know what his first response was? That the shirt is too short! hrmph! So I guess I need to add another strip of material to the bottom of the shirt so her tummy won't show when she raises her arms.

Wordless Wednesday #15

Peek A Boo!

I Do Not Like Them Sam I Am

Last week we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with a Green Eggs and Ham party at my friend Allison's house. Allison read the book and the kids ate green eggs and ham. Grace ate all her ham and then at least tried her eggs (she was NOT impressed.) Jonathan refused to even try them for the longest time but finally took a little bite of eggs just so he could get down and play. So much for experiencing new things.

40 Inches Tall

Jonathan is 40 inches tall! Now to most people that probably wouldn't mean too much but to a Disneyland family like ours it is very exciting. It means he is big enough for most of the good rides. So when we took the kids last week he went on his first (and second!) trip on Star Tours, his first trip on Thunder Mountain and his first (and second) trip on my favorite ride of all time, Space Mountain. He was so excited to be big enough. He has been waiting a long time. It is funny because just last month when we took him he still had quite a ways to grow so I guess he has really shot up in the last month. Grace is big enough for the Matterhorn now so tomorrow when we go she will get to experience her first real roller coaster. Yeah!

I Am Back

Our internet is working again. Time to catch up on some posts!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So sad.

My internet will not be working for another few days. So sad. I am typing this on my phone. Don't worry, I am saving lots of cute stories for when it works again. Talk to you all then.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading Time

This afternoon I told Matthew to read for a little bit while his little siblings took a nap. He headed off to his room to read. A few minutes later I heard him talking and went in to ask him to stop so Jonathan could sleep. What did I find? An eight year old cuddled up with his little brother reading him Aesop's Fables. Yes, Aesop's Fables. The same Aesop's Fables that most of us read (or were supposed to have read) in junior high. It was so sweet I couldn't very well stop him, now could I? He got reading practice and his little brother got some very early exposure to great classic literature. Homeschooling at it's best!

Wordless Wednesday #14

Relay For Life

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not At All Addicted

Tonight I decided I wanted to make Grace a cute little pair of skorts and top that I have a simple pattern for. Unfortunately, I didn't have the material I needed and when I headed over to the sewing store, they had just closed. Did that deter me? No. Jonathan, who had gone out with me and I called our friend Ramona and asked if she had the right material. She has just about every material so she had the right kind. We headed to her house and got material and brought it home so I could start cutting out the pattern. I am not at all addicted, no matter what you may believe.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


When we arrive at Sunday School on Sunday mornings, the first service is usually still going on. As we walk through the entryway, I never want the kids to disturb the service. I am always telling Grace "shhh, church is still going on." This morning when we got to the entryway, we could hear pastor Bret praying through the speakers. Grace looks up at me and puts her finger to her lips and says "shhhhhh, they talk a lot!"