Friday, February 27, 2009

Matthew the Champion!

Matthew is home from camp. We are so glad he is back. He had a wonderful time. He rode horses, took care of farm animals, made friends and had an overall great experience. Thank you to those who prayed for him (and us) while he was gone.

Matthew got second place in the riding competition. It wasn't speed. It was controlling the horse properly. They had to walk the horse, reverse it, make it go in a circle and such. He was up against much bigger kids since he was the smallest kid at the whole camp and had teenagers in his group as well. We were so proud of him.

The girls at the camp LOVED Matthew! They were constantly asking for pictures with him. Here he is with one of his friends and some of the girls that were in his competition. When he got second place in the competition all of the girls cheered and yelled his name. It was very cute. When they were watching the other competitions from the side, Matthew was too small to see over the railing so one of the big girls held him.

His school ended up with two female counselors and no male counselors. I asked him what they did and he said that his counselor was in the next teepee. In other words, they called one of the female counselors their counselor. I asked about what grownup was in their teepee and he said there wasn't one. No grownups at all. She was right in the next teepee but still, that is a lot of freedom for kids at camp. Thank God he is part of a homeschooling group that seems to be very mature kids and they did fine. There were also kids from the age of seven all the way to fifteen so there were older kids there too so I guess they worked it out okay. Matthew even remembered to take a shower and didn't come home smelling like stinky horses. Yeah!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sad Man

We took Nathanael to the church for Bible study this afternoon. We had an hour and a half until time to pick him up so we decided to head over to the park. Jonathan and Grace had a great time playing. When Jason decided it was time to head out, we walked over toward the car. On the way we passed a new totem pole that is carved in the park. It is really cool. On one side is carved an image of a very stern looking Native American. Grace looked at him and says, "Man sad. He needs hug for make happy face again!" So cute!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #13

Attack of the Sister!

Off to Camp

Today we took Matthew off to Rawhide Ranch to spend two nights away at camp. He was slightly apprehensive and very excited at the same time. He is the first of our children to ever spend time away at camp so Jason and I were slightly apprehensive as well. Something about sending our 45 pound 8 year old makes us slightly nervous. Sometimes it is hard to treat him like a big kid since he is so tiny.
He is going to have so much fun. He is in a cabin with a bunch of other boys who are home schooled and seem very nice. He can't wait to ride a horse. I can't wait until Friday when we get to go watch him in a show before he comes home. Pray for him. Mainly for his safety and that he would have the time of his life. Pray for us as well. It is hard turning them loose. I know God has it all under control. I will make sure and blog about his show on Friday. Look for pictures then.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sharing a Room with Grandma Sharon

I meant to post this last week and then I was so busy sewing that I forgot everything else.
My parents came to visit for a couple of days earlier in the month. My dad had to crash on the sofa for lack of a better space and my mom took the trundle bed in Grace's room. Grace loves sharing her room with one of her grandmas. Grandmas are very entertaining to have around. Well, my mom had gotten ready in the morning and had some of her clothes on her bed as well as her suitcase and toiletries and such. Grace goes into her room and her little jaw drops. With her eyes wide and her hands up she exclaims, "Grandma, a mess, my room, oh, no!"


I made Grace's baby doll a skirt and vest like the one I made for Grace on Sunday. Matthew helped me during Grace's naptime. She is so proud of it. Here she is with baby Mary showing off. I think she is going to be an actress!

Monday, February 23, 2009

And So It Begins.....

Nathanael got invited to a birthday party at the bowling alley today. By a girl. A cute girl. A cute girl who never uses his name and always calls him "awesome person." I dropped him off and she and her best friend were waiting outside for him. They greeted him with giggles and dragged him inside. He had a great time. He may be ready for junior high but I am not. Could someone please put us in a time warp to when he was four? Have I mentioned that I really like four?

Cheese Issues.

Jonathan got himself a slice of Kraft American cheese. He sat down and fiddled with it for a while. It kept breaking on him while he was trying to remove it from the packaging. With a worried look he announced, "I am having some serious issues here!" He cracks me up!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye, Toddlerhood

Jonathan is officially not a toddler anymore. He turned four yesterday. Anyone who ever talked about the terrible twos obviously never had a three year old. I like four. If he is anything like his brothers were at that age it is a happy time. Tantrums are done (They already pretty much are), attitudes lessen and everything is exciting. The age where they learn their letters and numbers. Yes, I like four.

Jonathan has this amazing personality. Everything is exciting with him around. My brother says he has extra personality and I think that is true. He makes me laugh one minute and cry the next. He was the child we tried the hardest to get. I had N and G while I was on birth control and M a month after going off. Jonathan took four years! I guess it takes a lot more time to grow all of that extra personality! I love the little guy so much. He is sweet and cuddly and lovable and you never know what he will say or do next. You would think that being the third child out of four would give him middle child syndrome but I don't think being ignored will be a problem for him. Everyone who knows us knows Jonathan first! I took Matthew to the Dr. the other day and he wasn't talking. The nurse immediately asked where "Jonathan the talkative one" was. No one will ever accuse him of refusing to talk will they?

So, goodbye toddlerhood and welcome to the preschooler age. My last little boy is getting so big. On to the next adventure!

(This post is in red because it is Jonathan's favorite color. Bold and bright and very Jonathan!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Day, Another Creation

This morning Nathanael asked me if he could learn to sew something. being a beginner myself, I was a little leary of teaching someone else, but I agreed anyway. I picked out a pattern that said it would take two hours to complete, a little fleece jacket. The best part was that I had bought a piece of fleece in the 50% off remnant bin at Joanns and Grace is so little that a remnant is plenty to make her a jacket. The pattern said two hours and it probably took us three. Not bad for only having a sewing machine since Saturday and before that I had never even used one.

It isn't perfect. What it lacks in perfection it makes up for in cuteness. Grace was so excited and it looks adorable on her. I think I made the sleeves a little too long. It took a while arranging the fabric just right in order to get Pooh and Eeyore on the back and each of them on one side of the front. I think I am really going to love having a sewing machine! Now Matthew wants to make a Bugs Bunny tote bag so I guess that is next.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sew Much Fun!

I got a new sewing machine with my birthday money. I was planning to get a basic machine but Sears had one of their fancier machines on clearance that had lots of fun stitches and things it can do. It is great fun. I have been getting to know the machine and figuring things out. I have even made two actual creations! Yay! here are some pictures of them.....
I think it will be a long time before I figure out how to do everything on my machine but I have only had it for two days and I already can thread the machine, fill the bobbin, choose stitches, sew on buttons, create a button hole and sew on a zipper. I made an apron for Jonathan the first night and then made Grace a tote bag the next day. The kids don't have school today so I let them be lazy and play video games while I create. Of course, it may be a while before we can eat at the dining room table again......... oh well. That is the price we pay for creativity I suppose!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunny Southern California

Jason took this picture while he was at work yesterday by the Lake Hemet Campground. So pretty. I can't wait until Friday when we are taking the kids up the hill to play in the snow. It is wonderful to live close to the snow but not have to deal with actually living in it. We visit after the snowplows have done their work.

Fearless Cutie


Wordless Wednesday #11

Jonathan Pretending to be Asleep so Daddy Would Carry Him Into the House
This Time He Was Really Asleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matthew's Inaugural Address

My sister in law, Rebecca, posted my niece's inaugural address and it reminded me that I never posted Matthew's. So here are his plans if he is president. It took him several days for this project. The first day we watched the inauguration. The second day he looked back at our nations history and took notes. The third day he made a rough draft. The fourth day I helped him type it up.

Matthew Reed
January 20, 2009
History and Language Arts.

My Own Presidential Address
My name is Matthew Reed and I am glad to be the next president of the United States of America. Please wish me good luck. I will care about the United States of America.

There are many things that made us how we are. Many things have happened in our past. Here are a few. Many Indians lived in New Mexico. In 1775 millions of settlers were in the thirteen original colonies. On March 5, 1773 a Boston mob attacked British soldiers because England had the United States of America. We weren’t the United States then we were part of England. The mob was mad at England because England was charging lots of money for tea.

On July 4, 1776 the second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The long bloody war ended when the British were defeated in Yorktown in 1781.

Here are some of the natural things inside the United States of America that make our country beautiful. Palmetto plants grow along the Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Florida. A long time ago the Ojibway Indians called our longest river the Mississippi or Great River. The sunrises over the Rocky mountains. The Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona. The canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and one mile high.

Here are some things about our country now that make our nation special. The Executive branch has the president, the vice president and the cabinet. The Legislative branch has the Senate and the house of representative. The Judicial branch has the Supreme Court. We have a new president and vice president. I am glad to be the president. We have freedom for all citizens. Lots of people are fighting right now. Lots of people believe in God.

Here are some things that I want to happen in the future. I want more people not to fight. I want more people to learn more about God. I also want more missionaries to go around the World.
I am really glad that you voted for me and listened to my speech. Together we can make our nation even better!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Does it Mean I am Old....

....if I can't sleep because it is raining and that makes my wrist hurt? I injured my wrist in high school and now when the weather changes it hurts. I feel very old right now. Basically it means that I can't sleep but I can't do anything useful because there are people sleeping and the boys room doesn't have a real door so my every movement bothers them. Sigh. Looking at the bright least my hair is still brown!

When Mama Aint Happy.....

Aint Nobody Happy!

I have been feeling poorly the last couple of days. Must be a flu bug. Nothing specific hurts but I just ache all over and am tired and miserable. This shouldn't be an excuse.....

This morning I yelled at Nathanael and made him cry. He couldn't find the cord to attach his camera to the computer and asked me where it was. I said I didn't know but that it was probably in his drawer in his dresser. A minute later he came back in and said that he couldn't find it and that he never had it since when he first got it and I must have it. I think I kind of exploded. How dare he blame me because he couldn't find his camera cord. I stormed into his room, yanked open the drawer and found the cord with the camera manual, just where it should be. So there! How dare he blame me! I think I was a little more unhappy with him than was warranted for the situation. Of course, I apologized when I calmed down but I still sent a very sad kid off to school. Bad mommy! I hate that I am feeling sick but I don't suppose it is fair to lash out at the closest kid.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Castle For Grace?

Today we went to our friends Matt and Jodi's home to see their new house. It is beautiful. After visiting for a while we headed home. On the way out to the car, Grace saw something wonderful. In their garage (which was wide open so it wasn't considered snooping, right?) there is a dollhouse. Not just any dollhouse. A gorgeous, humongous dollhouse with lattice work and a porch swing. Grace was jumping up and down and saying, "A castle, a castle!" The dollhouse didn't even have any of it's furniture or dolls in it and Grace was still fascinated. I told Jason he should start working on a dollhouse for Grace. He said he wanted her to be a little older. A dollhouse like that would probably take until she is older to build. All I can say is "WOW!" So after snooping, I mean looking at the dollhouse in the garage, we headed to the car. Grace sweetly put her head on her daddy's shoulder and said, "I castle, PLEEEEEEASE Daddy!" So cute. I wonder how long it will be before she gets her "castle."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Long Winter?

The weather has been in the 80s the last couple of weeks here. Very strange if you ask me. The rest of the nation is shivering and we are wondering why we keep forgetting to take the flannel sheets off the beds since it is so hot. Well today it cooled off. It was only in the low seventies and drizzly. (Is that a word?) This afternoon Matthew said to me, "Mom why does it rain so much? It feels like it has been Winter forever!" Winter, what Winter? Are we supposed to be in Winter? Such a California kid to think that a drizzly afternoon means a really long Winter!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are You Impressed?

As most of you know, I have been making hair bows for Grace. Partly because they are cute and partly because I love to go to craft night with my friends and don't really want to drag all of my scrapbooking stuff over. So I make hair bows. Grace loves them. I want Grace to have lots of handmade bows because I remember one Christmas when I was little my Aunt Gale made me barrettes and I felt so special wearing them. I want Grace to feel special too. Anyway, she now has quite a collection and needed a place to keep them. My friend Heather made a cute bulletin board for her daughter's bows so I kind of stole her idea. (Thank you Heather!) I didn't cover the canvas myself though. I found a bulletin board that already had the green ribbons on it to store photos and such. Then I added the pink, orange and green striped ribbons, the hot pink ribbons and the orange buttons. I think it came out cute and the best part is that it only took about twenty minutes from start to finish. Matthew came in from playing outside and said, "Cute board, Mom." High praise from the eight year old!
The board complete with some of her handmade hair bows
The board before the hair bows

Wordless Wednesday #10

Grandma Mary and Her Boys

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shopping Companion

I went to the craft store tonight to buy some buttons and ribbons for making hairbows. Jonathan decided he wanted to go with me. We were looking at ribbons and I noticed that lots of them had clearance stickers on them. Yay! So I was getting some that were on sale. Jonathan thought it was great fun to help pick out the colors. I found some really cute ribbon with ballet slippers on it that would make a great hairbow for dance class. As I started to put it in the basket Jonathan yelled. "No, mommy that one isn't on sale. PUT IT BACK!" Ha Ha. I wonder if Jason sent him to watch me. I dutifully put it back on the shelf to wait until it went on sale. We headed to the button aisle. I picked up some buttons with ballet slippers on them and asked if we could get them. He took the package from me and looked for a red sticker. Seeing the sticker he says, "Yes, they are on sale. You can have them." By this time I was dying of laughter.

Walking up to the check out counter he announced. "No candy. No candy mommy. Too much sugar is not good for me." Of course he was copying what I had told him last time almost word for word. The checker's jaw dropped. "HE is telling YOU not to buy candy?" Jonathan told her that he found all the ribbon that was on sale and we didn't buy any that wasn't on sale. He was so cute! The lady then said something scary; "We need more kids like that one. We should clone him." Clone him? Jonathan? Obviously she doesn't know him very well. I think one Jonathan is enough for any mommy to handle!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Adventure

Grace went to her very first dance class today. She went to "Shine", which is a local Christian Performing Arts studio. Our friend Dawn is the teacher and she let Grace try even though she won't be three until September. Grace LOVED it! She loved the pink clothes and hairbows, the new ballet shoes, and the attention of being the only one in our family that gets to dance. She was really in her element. She didn't really understand the moves they were doing but most of the other kids didn't do much better so she fit right in. They were all so cute. Now she wants "clickity clackety shoes" like the other girls had during tap dance. Looks like a trip to a shoe store tomorrow is necessary. Dance class is so much fun. Now if they would just have the leotards in extra-extra-small in some color other than pink I would be ecstatic. Why does it always have to be pink?
Ready to dance and so proud of her new "dancing clothes!"

Practicing at the bar.

Copying Miss Dawn.

See, she fit right in.

A little personal attention from Miss Dawn.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is Sunday afternoon, everyone is tired and not a single child is sleeping. Does anyone but me see the problem with this?