Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Shopping Trip

My parents, my inlaws and my grandmother all sent me money for my birthday several weeks ago. I hadn't bought anything yet so I decided to head over to the outlet mall to get something. My friend Mindy went with me. We had a great afternoon. We browsed and ate pretzels and then browsed some more. I got Grace an outfit and I found an apron and oven mitt for Matthew who loves to cook. Do you know what I bought for me? One of those little bears that you soak in water and put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. That is it. Three dollars is all I spent on myself. I am pitiful I know. I just couldn't find anything that I couldn't live without. I hate spending money just because I have it. I guess I will have to wait until I think of something I really want. Maybe a new purse and some movies or something. Looks like I will get another fun afternoon of shopping with friends out of it. That is the best part of it anyway. Thank you Mindy for a fun afternoon! Let's do it again! I still have almost all of my birthday money to spend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow in Hemet

Matthew had his "snow" themed birthday party today. It was supposed to be at the park and the pizza place was going to deliver the food but it was pouring rain when we got up this morning and the owners were gracious to let us use their restaurant. everyone seemed to have a great time. Matthew chose a snow theme and we still got to do all the snow stuff except that I bought a bunch of cotton balls for a snowball fight and I didn't think the pizza shop's owners would appreciate the chaos involved.
Matthew loved all of his gifts too. His favorite was from my friend Louise and her son Erik. It was a jar that when you put money in it automatically registered how much is in the bank. It had eight dollars already in it since it was his eighth birthday. Such a cute idea. Anyway, Matthew spent a really long time emptying his piggy bank and placing the money into the jar so he could inform us that he has thirty-one dollars and fifty-five cents in change. Wow, I didn't know he was that rich. Maybe I could use a loan from him!
Here are a few of the pictures from the party.
The Reed kids with cousin Timothy
Birthday chocolate chip cookies for the kid who never eats cake.
Building igloos was the most fun activity! Each child had a rice crispy treat and frosting and candy to decorate it with. There were even gummy penguins and bears to live in them. Of course, most of the kids ate more candy than they put onto their igloo and I don't think any of the gummy penguins came out alive but the kids had so much fun.
More igloo making fun.

Wow, a two year old's dream! Except that they were told that the had to wait for all the kids to get them and make igloos with them so maybe it was a two year old's nightmare! Poor little kids.

A Magic Deck of Cards

We got home from Matthew's birthday party today and there was a message on our machine that I had won. I won a deck of cards from Chipotle. Not just any deck of cards. A deck of these cards.....

That's right. Every card is worth a free burrito (or burrito bowl, or salad or tacos) from Chipotle. An entire deck of cards worth of burritos. I was one of the two grand prize winners from yesterday's grand opening. To celebrate we went again tonight even though we ate there yesterday. I was so excited. So when we got home after eating my free burrito, I wanted a picture of me with my prize. Then we counted them to make sure I didn't lose any when I threw them in the air (the picture didn't come out though). There weren't fifty-two cards. there were fifty-five. Plus the one I already ate! So I got fifty-six yummy prizes. I think my family will be tired of chipotle by the time I eat all my prizes!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting for Chipotle

Chipotle is by far my favorite fast food restaurant. So yummy and fresh. If you don't know, it is a place that makes burritos like Subway makes sandwiches. You pick all the ingredients and they make it for you. Until now we always had to drive about half an hour to get to Chipotle. Kind of eliminates the point of FAST food. Anyway, they decided to open one in Hemet. Today was the first day. We got there about half an hour before they opened and waited behind thirty or so people. It was worth it. Once they opened they served everyone super fast and since we were some of the first 100 people we all got T-Shirts. Well, everyone but Jonathan and Grace since the smallest they had was adult small.

Grace having fun driving Daddy crazy in line.

Open... Open..... Open....Yum!

Jonathan Teaches Grace to Be a Jedi Knight


Jonathan brought home a lot of useful information from the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland. He decided Grace needed to be trained. He was so Cute and she was a very fast learner.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tiniest Jedi Knight at Disneyland


Jonathan was SO excited to be chosen to be a Jedi Knight. We went to the morning show and he wasn't chosen so he was determined to go back to the afternoon show and he was finally chosen. He was so proud of himself. If you haven't been to the Jedi show before, this clip of the Jedi Master talking to Jonathan will crack you up!

Worless Wednesday #8

Jonathan the Jedi Knight!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayer for Our leaders

Father God I stand amazed at the ways in which you work. Your plan for our nation has been in place since long before anyone stepped foot upon this soil. Today I wish to pray for our nation and for the new leaders that have been elected. Even though I may not agree with their policies I pray that they will be directed by your will. Even though I may not have voted for these leaders, you obviously chose them to be the ones who will direct our nation in these troubling times. There is so much for them to accomplish. The end of a war and the beginning of economic recovery are just a couple of the multitude of items on the agenda. There is no president or vice president who can accomplish all that is to be done alone. They need help. Help from the people of this nation, the other nations of the world, but especially from you. You oh Lord are what they need to base their decisions upon if this nation is to flourish. I am so excited to see what your plans are for these leaders and for our nation in the coming years. Please make your will known in our policies and decisions so we can best glorify you. Help us to see that your hand is upon these leaders and that in some way they are in office to bring you the ultimate glory. May we love you above all else. May the glory all be given to you for what you are accomplishing and for who you are. I love you my Creator and my Lord.

Grace's Inaugural Prayer

Nathanael and Matthew and I are watching the inauguration. Jonathan and Grace are wandering in and out. A highlight of the inauguration is that Rick Warren said the prayer. Jonathan was in the room making noise and Nathanael told him to be quiet because it was prayer time. Grace heard it was prayer time and came running in and said "Close eyes, thank you God, food, family, friends." Ha Ha!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Go In There!

Today Grace was playing with a Matreshka doll. Not sure how to spell it but it is one of those Russian dolls with another doll inside of it and another inside that one, etc. Her Matreshka doll has five dolls. She carried off the tiny doll (isn't it always the tiny one?) and disappeared into my bedroom. Climbing onto our bed she immediately lost the doll behind our bed and came running out asking for her brothers to help her find it. Nathanael and Matthew to the rescue! When they decided that the doll was probably really behind or under our bed, Nathanael decided to crawl under the bed to find it. With feigned terror Matthew yelled, "Don't go in there Nathanael. You will never come out alive!" With just as much drama Nathanael replied, "I have to go in there, it is the only way to save the Matreshka doll!" Ha Ha! I think I should clean out under the bed if it strikes terror in the hearts of brave Matreshka doll savers!

With Much fear and Trepidation.....

I braved Walmart with the four kids again. I know, I am crazy after our experiences last week but Jason needed a file box for work and Walmart was the cheapest place to buy one. So I did it. I braved Walmart with four kids that I once again forgot to feed snacks to. Do you know what happened? Nothing. No whining, no crying, no arguing or fighting. Weird. Nathanael helped tremendously with the shopping and Matthew didn't cry once. I am so glad to have my sweet children back. This time we weren't one of THOSE families. Yay!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tonight on the way home from Awanas, I said I was feeling kind of yucky. Not majorly ill or anything. Just that kind of yucky feeling you get the day before you really get sick. Nathanael and Matthew seemed a little too excited to hear I wasn't feeling well. With much glee Nathanael said "So you think you won't be feeling well tomorrow?" I thought that was kind of a funny thing for him to be excited about. Anyway, they wanted to know how they could help me tomorrow. Hmmmm sound suspicious to anyone else?

Well it turns out that they want to be helpful because they want to raise money for a missionary that the Awanas are taking up an offering for. They were told that they should try to get money for the missionary but they weren't allowed to just hit up their parents for cash. They needed to EARN the money. Cool deal! So I informed them that if I wasn't feeling well that they could help watch their siblings. Matthew joyously exclaimed, "If we watch them really well maybe we could make a quarter an hour or something!" Okay, so we need to work on the money concept a little bit. I told them they could each have a few dollars for babysitting. I also said the kitchen floor needed to be mopped and the coffee table needed to be cleaned. They happily agreed to do those tasks for a little extra cash.

They are trying to get me to come up with more tasks. I think I like this earning money for missions plan. I might get my whole house clean. How far do you think I can take this? Leaf raking.... Dish washing..... Toilet scrubbing. Okay, that might be just a bit too far.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Eighth Birthday Matthew James Reed

On January 15, 2001 a precious little boy came into our lives. He was so cute. He didn't like to be held or cuddled. He seemed so tiny to me even though he started out 8lb, 10oz. Probably because Nathanael was bigger. Matthew is so smart. He was bored in Kindergarten so he did first and second grade in one year. Now he is in third grade and just about mastered multiplication. Matthew loves to cook from recipes and to do art with his new easel and art set his aunt and uncle gave him. We just bought him some actual canvasses to paint on and he is so excited to try them out. He is a thinker. Sometimes you can just see his little brain working and figuring things out. He seems very close to accepting Christ as his saviour so pray for him in that. I think we haven't really gone over it enough with him because we assumed Nathanael would be first but I really think Matthew understands and is ready so pray for us in our discussions with him as well. I am so glad God gave us Matthew and I can't wait to see the man he will become. He is growing up too fast I think. So stop growing up Matthew. I love you!
Matthew at Disneyland celebrating his eighth birthday.
Opening his presents from his grandparents.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One of THOSE Families

Have you ever seen one of THOSE families? You know the one with lots of kids who won't behave in the store. The family that wanders around the store with toddlers screaming and little kids whining and big kids chasing each other and hitting each other. The families where the parent (Usually a haggard looking mother) doesn't seem to be capable of getting the kids under control no matter how much they try. Well today we were that family.

This afternoon I really needed to get a few things. I braved Walmart. After the day of whining, crying and arguing that the kids had, I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I took them to Walmart. Bad idea! Grace was screaming and trying to climb out of the cart. Jonathan was whining that he didn't get what he wanted. Matthew and Nathanael were chasing each other, hitting and complaining. When asked to do anything, Nathanael obeyed but with major attitude. Then there was me. I was the sad mommy who was incapable of controlling her four unruly children. The one getting glares from those who don't have any children and sympathetic looks from those who do.

I am not used to this. My children are usually the ones getting the older ladies attention by playing peek a boo sweetly or cheerfully getting the necessary items from the shelves and placing them in the cart. The older ones are usually helping wherever needed with cheerful faces and happy hearts. Where did my sweet children go? Was it just that I didn't give them a snack before we left? Are they tired because we are getting back into the swing of things after a three week vacation from school? Maybe some of each. Or maybe they are just showing their sinful nature. No one is perfect. Our family is proof. So here is me, sorry that I ever looked at the mother of one of THOSE families and thought, "Why can't she get those little monsters under control?" Maybe they aren't one of THOSE families but just an ordinary family having one of THOSE days!

Monday, January 12, 2009

National Delurking Day 2009

I just read on Renee's blog that it is National Delurking day! Who knew such a thing existed? So even though I doubt there are many people reading this blog, there could possibly be a few lurkers. If you are lurking (reading the blog posts but seldom if ever commenting) then please come out of hiding and leave a comment. If you comment lots of times please leave a comment too because I love comments. Besides it would be interesting to know who is reading.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Matthew's Insight

My brother said that all I talk about on my blog lately is Jonathan so here is a Matthew story instead......

Yesterday I went shopping and took just Matthew with me. If you know Matthew you know that he very seldom says more than a few sentences at a time. This is not, however true if you get him alone in the car with you. Guess he just doesn't have to fight for attention. On the way to one of the stores he said to me, "Mom, God made me small for a reason. Do you know what the reason is?" I of course, do not know what the reason is so I answered accordingly. He continued, "I don't know the reason yet either but God does. He knew before I was born that I was going to be small. He made me that way so I could bring glory to him in some way. Maybe I will be able to do something or get somewhere I couldn't if I was bigger and save someone or something. We will find out when I grow up. But God does have a reason for me being small!" Wow, this from an almost eight year old! He shocks me sometimes. Thank you Lord for alone time with my son and thank you for his amazing insight. I am blessed to be his mother. Can't wait to see what he does when he grows up that brings glory to God!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #6


Wordless Wednesday #5

California Adventure with Auntie Christy

Crazy Grace

Today we went to Disneyland for our nephew Tim's birthday. We rode the Autopia cars. Jonathan decided to ride with Daddy for once which gave me Grace. I decided to let her be the one in front of the steering wheel. You can guess how that went. She weaved and swerved and bumped. Good thing the cars on on a track. Anyway, I told her she was a crazy driver. I then asked her "Who is a crazy driver?" She joyously responded "Me, Trazy Drace!" Yep, that's her, Crazy Grace.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where are We going

Last night I got the kid's jackets and shoes on, gathered up Bibles and headed out for evening church. We got almost to church before Jonathan asked "Where are we going?" I answered that we were going to evening church. He looked very confused and exclaimed "To church? We already went there today! We can't go two times in one day and we can't go to church when it is dark time." Funny little three year old. We go to church twice every Sunday. In the winter it is always dark on our way there. Could he really have forgotten that much since the last time?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

Our kids love books. We think this is a good thing. So we buy them books. They get them at the library sale, the bookstore, yard sales. We have books. Lots of books. We have so many books we can't even get them all on the bookshelves. Finally, we decided it was time to weed through the books in the playroom and get rid of a bunch. So, I pulled all of the books off of the bookshelf and assigned each child a shelf. They each chose enough books to fill up that shelf. We found books we didn't even remember we had. After organizing all the books, we boxed up all the leftover books and took them to a friend whose mom is a teacher for her class to enjoy. So the books will live on.
To celebrate the bookshelf being organized, the kids all had to pull books off the shelves to carry to their room and read. Now they can find the books they really want to read without having to wade through the flood. It won't last though. Next time we are out at a store one of the kids is sure to ask for a book of some sort. We are suckers when it comes to buying books. After all, they love to read. We can't get books from the library because I am terrible about forgetting to take them back so they end up costing us more than just buying them. So let the book collecting resume.

A flood of books to be sorted

the leftover books we boxed up to give away

TaDa! The finished bookshelf

Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Impromptu Story by Jonathan

I said I was going to write on my blog and Jonathan followed me into the living room and announced that he wanted to write a story. So here it is, just like he told it to me.

Once upon a time there was a great castle. And then it shooted bad guys because I obey my mom and parents because of you who I love. There was enemies. I win. There was fire but the castle wasn't destroyed because it was huge. Knights was protecting the king. There was spies. My one enemy coming and they shooted to me and I won because I am Jonathan David. The end. That's all. Mom that's all

Now we can sing a song. the B-I-B-L-E yes that's the book for me. I stand on the alone of God, the B-I-B-L-E Bible. Yes, now it is done. You wrote a lot of words. You did very good Mom That is all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jonathan's Arm

Praise God that Jonathan's arm seems fine. He went in for more X rays today and we spent three hours waiting for them to get results and send them to his doctor. They said there is no fracture and the effusion (which is fluid in the joints) is going down on it's own. So it looks like it is healing as it should and he doesn't need anything different to be done. Praise God that he watched out for our little guy.

By the way, you would think Jonathan would have learned to sit down in his chair but not really. This morning I entered the living room and he was standing and surfing on a rocking chair. A ROCKING CHAIR! The little monkey. Maybe he didn't break anything this time but there will probably be a next time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Christmas Party on New Years Eve

Every year our Sunday School class has a Christmas party. This year with Thanksgiving being so late it just seemed like there wasn't enough time for everything. With this in mind, we decided to have our class party on New Years Eve instead. A very sweet family from our class volunteered to host it at their house. From 6-9pm we had our Christmas party with all the usual fun. Food, singing, devotion and White Elephant gifts. We had a nice time.

At 9:00 the Christmas party ended and anyone who needed to get home left and the New Years party started. There were still about twenty of us there and we had a blast playing Apples to Apples and then Mafia, a very silly but entertaining game. About fifteen minutes until midnight, we took a break from our game and we went around the room with each person saying a prayer of thankfulness for all God did for us this past year and looking forward to the ways we would like to serve him this next year. It was really neat because at Midnight we heard fireworks going off nearby, but we were all still taking turns praying. What could be better than to ring in the new year praising our creator with people you love? When prayer time was done, we completed our game and everyone headed for home. Thank you so much friends for the best New Years ever. This needs to be a new tradition.