Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Update on Jonathan

Jonathan's doctor (the actual doctor, not even his nurse this time) called and said the radiologist looked at the X Rays again and wasn't happy with the way they looked. He wants him back in for more X Rays on Friday instead of next week. They still didn't see any fractures but with the way the joints look they are afraid that the break is there and they just aren't seeing it. He still doesn't cry that it hurts or anything but isn't using that arm for anything. He is funny because he often holds it the way he would if it were in a sling even though he isn't in a sling. Please keep him in your prayers.

Lego Fun with Grandma Sharon

My mother loves Legos. Not just loves to buy them for the kids, she loves to play with them too. She has her own Lego village and Lego train at home. Every time she comes to our house she plays for hours with the boys and their Legos. This Christmas was no exception. They had so much fun together. Here they are creating a jet plane and a castle together. The kids finally got tired of playing Legos and went off to play Clue but Mom finished the castle by herself.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Update

Update on Jonathan's arm. The radiologist called the Dr. and told him that although he didn't see any breaks or fractures, there is some joint effusion (affusion? I dunno what it is.) and swelling that means there may be a fracture they just can't see. If he continues to not want to use the arm I have to take him back in for more X Rays next week. Next time I will have to get someone to watch the other kids because this time was a big production because they didn't want to take him back by himself but they wouldn't let me go back with him because the other kids would be exposed to radiation. I refused to take no for an answer and they finally agreed to take him back and do the X Ray without me if I signed a waiver about unaccompanied minors. He went willingly and came back happily sporting a new sticker so it was okay after all but it still bugged me.

Update on J.D.

I took Jonathan to the dr. about his arm this morning. They did X rays and the dr. doesn't see anything broken. He says he will call when he gets final confirmation from the radiologist but it looks like he just strained it. Praise God.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poor Little Guy

Today after church we went to a pizza restaurant that has just opened (Village Pizza on State Street is delicious in case anyone cares.) They took a long time getting the food done because they just opened and don't have all of their staff in place. When the pizza came Jonathan got a little too excited and stood up on his chair, tipping it over backwards. He hurt his arm and cried for quite a while. I thought about taking him to the emergency room but since he did calm down I don't think I will pay the fifty dollars to sit in the waiting room for hours with four children. I will wait and take him to his pediatrician tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to do X rays and make sure everything is okay.

Pray for the poor little guy tonight please. He isn't crying about it hurting anymore but he isn't using that hand for anything either. Specifically pray that the doctor will see what is wrong tomorrow and will be able to make him better. Also, thank God that it was his arm that he hurt and not his head. Even a broken arm would be better than a serous concussion. This could have been so much worse. Praise God for watching out for our poor little guy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well fed Babies

Grace got a little kitchen for her birthday. For Christmas she got more food for it and a doll highchair. She has been "cooking" Christmas cookies for her babies for hours. These are very well fed babies. If they were real they would have exploded by now. She has fed these babies so much in the last few months it is crazy. Sometimes she even gets Matthew and Jonathan to help her. She gets a little bit carried away with the food. So just a reminder, don't put Grace in charge of snack time or there will be WAY too much food!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Story Time

Our family has a tradition that no gifts are opened until we read about the most important gift the world has ever Received. We spent last weekend with Jason's parents. Ken read the Christmas story from the book of Matthew to the family.
We opened our immediate family's gifts on Christmas Eve. Before that, Matthew read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
Nathanael continued the story from Luke 3.
After we read the story we asked Jonathan to pray. He was so great praying to thank God for sending Jesus to be our Messiah and save us from our sins so we can go to heaven since we can't go to heaven without Jesus. It is amazing just how much that little guy seems to understand.
Today we had gift time with my side of the family. Before we opened gifts we read the Christmas story again. This time my brother, David read the story from John 1. This is the less common reading of the incarnation of our Lord. It begins with "In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." I actually find John the best rendition because it is less known and it causes us to really think about exactly who Jesus is and what he did. That the almighty God would choose to humble himself and become flesh is beyond our comprehension. That is what he did, though. I love the story from John because it makes it easier to ask open questions of our children about what it means that the Word was in the beginning with God and that all things were made through him. Wow. An awe-inspiring thought. So thankful to God for what he has done for us. Let's think not about the mountains of presents most of us opened this Christmas and focus instead on the most important gift and praise our creator for who he is.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Bairbow

The other day I bought the kids a set of six Mickey Mouse washcloths. This in itself was very exciting to Grace. The most exciting thing about it though was that they were tied together with a bright blue ribbon. This morning when I helped her get her pink pants and white shirt on she finds the ribbon and tells me "Bairbow." I told her that it was a pretty hairbow but that it didn't match her clothes today. She looks down at her clothes and with a questioning voice she says, "No mommy, in my hair." Like, why did it need to match her clothes? She wasn't putting in on her body, just in her hair. She makes me laugh. So even though it didn't match, I put the bright blue hairbow in her ponytail and then had to admit it did look pretty cute. Looks like it should be worn with a poodle skirt or something.

A Day Out with Daddy and Papa

A day out with Mommy and Grandma usually means a trip to the mall or starbucks or something. A day out with Daddy and Papa, however, is much cooler. I was really sick one of the days we were in Paso Robles. While I stayed home and slept away the afternoon, The guys took the kids to the Estrella Warbird Museum. There the kids got to climb on turrets, in cockpits and on bombs. They played in helicopters, airplanes, tanks and more. So much fun!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bringing Kellsey Home

My friend Renee and her husband Frank are beginning an amazing journey. They have four beautiful children. One of them has down syndrome and has many other health issues as well. God has really blessed them through their children. They have seen Kennedy go through so much and have been able to see God's working in her life and in the lives of so many around her. Frank is in the military and is scheduled to come home this spring. They have decided to bring a fifth "special K" into their household. They are planning to adopt a little girl, who they will name Kellsey from Eastern Europe. Kellsey also has down syndrome and without being adopted will be institutionalized by age five. I am so looking forward to seeing how God will work in the lives of little Kellsey and her new family. Follow along on their journey with the link I have added to the right. Let them know you are praying for them as well.

Friday, December 19, 2008

It Made Sense to Jonathan

Okay, so I seriously understand that all my posts have been about Jonathan lately but he is just so darn funny.

Last night, Jason's mom, Mary found a pair of socks in the kitchen trash. They were Jonathan's socks and they didn't have any holes or anything so she brought them to me. I called Jonathan into the room and asked:

Where are your socks
On my feet
He points down, where there are indeed a pair of socks
Where are your other socks
What other socks?
The ones you were wearing earlier
In the trash can
They were yucky
You mean they were dirty?
So you threw them away?
They were yucky.
I could see I was getting no where so I quit asking.
So, next time your socks are dirty put them in the hamper okay?
Off he bounded to think of more mischief.

I don't know where he comes up with so much silliness. I would say it is the age but I don't remember having this much craziness out of the other two when they were almost four. My brother says he loves Jonathan because he has extra personality. Maybe that is it. That is why it took four years to have him when two of the others were proof that birth control doesn't always work and the other one was conceived within a month of going off birth control. Maybe it just takes longer to come up with a kid with this much trouble.... er .... EXTRA PERSONALITY.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jonathanisms can be Pretty Cool

Jonathan went to the grocery store with me a little while ago. We had this conversation.

Messiah, Messiah, Messiah.

He said this for quite a while before I paid enough attention to respond.

Who is the Messiah?
That is right.
Jesus is the Messiah and he came to save us all from our sin.
What is a sin?
A sin is when you kill or disobey. Now if you hit that is a sin too. If you tear up a mirror, that's a sin too. (Not sure where that one came from)
What happens when you sin?
If you sin you can't go to Heaven but Jesus is the Messiah and he came to save us from our sin so we can go to Heaven.

One little kid has definitely been listening more than we realized.

Grandpa's Helpers

Everyone is starting to feel better. Jason's dad decided to do some yard work and he was followed outside by three very helpful boys. Here they are helping grandpa pick up leaves. Such cuties. I think grandpa was getting a lot more done before his helpers showed up on the scene but they were trying hard anyway. Matthew is obviously not feeling well because he was only outside for about five minutes and then came in and went to bed where he is now fast asleep. Jonathan came inside soon after and now just Nathanael is outside helping grandpa and working hard.

A Christmas to Remember

When I was little I remember at Christmas most of my family was always sick. I don't know what it is about that certain time in December that sets everyone off. Stress maybe, or weather changes although we live in Southern California so the weather doesn't really change all that much. Anyway, we were always sick. I am very big on Christmas traditions. So in order to keep up traditions, our family is sick. We got to Paso Robles to visit Jason's parents last night. Our usual route was closed due to snow so we came up along the coast but so did everyone else. We got here LATE. Jason and Matthew both were throwing up in the middle of the night. This morning Jonathan and I are feeling kind of funny and getting fevers. Uggh. Not fun. At someone else's house no less. Well, I do love Christmas traditions. I think, however that I like our tradition of Chinese food on Christmas Eve better than this tradition.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #3

Grace and her best friend Danny are supposed to be decorating cookies with these candies they are eating!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Jonathanism

We met Jason at Del Taco after he got off work tonight. As we got ready to come home afterwards, Jonathan asked:

Why are we leaving Daddy?
Because he has his own car.
Why can't he leave his car here and come home with us?
Because then he wouldn't have a way to get his car home later.
He could wait until I get bigger and get a car and then I would drive my car and leave my car at Del Taco and bring his car home.
Then how would you get your car home?
Hmmmmmm..... (long pause)...... Maybe I could get a car carrier like your Chevron car and I could drive that and put Daddy's car on it and bring it home.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rainy Day

Today was a very rainy day. So since I am a crazy mommy I bundled the kids up and took them for a walk. So many puddles to jump in. Such fun. The kids were so excited to get to use the umbrellas. Our Golden Retriever, Missy was less than impressed with going for a walk in the rain but she went along anyway. Here are some pictures of some cute kids in the rain.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Concert

I love to sing. I sing in the shower and in the car with the kids. I sang in youth choir as a teenager and in college as a young adult and in the church choir now. So I really do love to sing. I think, however, that today kind of tested my limits for loving to sing. We had to be at the church this morning at 7:45 to sing a few songs in the first service, then we went to Sunday School. Next came second service when we sang again. In the car on the way home the kids and I sang "Away in a manger." Jonathan was so cute since he knew most of the words. We had lunch and a little rest time then it was back to church for more singing. We met at 3:30 to practice a few minutes, then it was the Christmas concert at 4:00. It went well. Then we did the whole concert over again at 6:00. It went well too but I think we were all relieved to be finished. On the way home the kids convinced me to sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with them. I am a sucker I guess, but I agreed. We finished the entire song just in time to be home. They wanted to do it again but I was done singing for tonight. I am not singing for a long time.... at least until the morning when Grace wants to sing "Jesus Loves Me." Oh and my friend Rebeca wants me to go carolling next week. I love carolling so of course I will go. I can't seem to get away from music. I think I am a singing addict. Do they have a Singing Anonymous?

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Terror, panic, fear, horror. Just a few emotions that we felt this morning. It started out peaceful enough. Grace was walking around the house playing with my purse. She wasn't opening it or taking anything out of it so that was fine. We were working on cleaning up a few things. Jason headed out to the garbage can outside and returned a few minutes later. A few minutes after that he headed out to take something else out and came running in asking "Where is Grace?" He held out the purse that Grace had been playing with. He had found it out in the front yard. He ran outside and started shouting for Grace. I searched the house. Nathanael, who is very quick to go into panic mode, ran to the backyard and yelled for Grace. Within moments I was fairly certain Grace was not inside the house anywhere. I ran to the front yard. Jason appeared from around the side of the house with Grace, who was outside alone hiding near the gas meters. She was so good at hiding that she didn't even giggle when she heard everyone calling her name. I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life. Thank God for her safety. I am so happy that she carried my purse outside with her and laid it where her Daddy instantly noticed it. This could have been a very bad morning indeed but instead we have our family safe and complete. Peace, joy, thankfulness, relief. Yes, these are much better emotions.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Daddy Says....

Jason and I are very big on the fact that children should dress like children. No short shorts, or words like "cute" or "sexy" across the bottoms of pants, no two piece swimsuits. No shirts that show stomachs, or boys pants that hang down past their underwear and no high heeled shoes. Sometimes it is hard to find things for our children, especially Grace that fit that description. All of that just so I could tell you this story....

The other day before Church I got Grace dressed in her pretty dress and put her shoes on and she announced "No shoes. Shoes owie. Owie!" So it was time to get her some bigger dress shoes. I took her to the store and was walking down the shoe aisle. All the little girl dress shoes were not appropriate for our two year old. Grace pointed to a pair of shoes with a half inch heel and loudly proclaimed, "Daddy says No, No." She was so cute. An older lady happened to be browsing nearby and with a sweet smile she told Grace that she had a very smart Daddy.

So what is with the desire to dress our children as miniature adults? Why do they need high heels? What is the point of a two piece swimsuit when there is nothing on the top half to hold it on? Why would I want my child's bottom to say things when I would prefer people not to look at my little one's bottom and think it is cute or especially sexy? Doesn't that just seem like asking for trouble? I am too old fashioned I know. I think I was born in the wrong generation.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Childhood Dreams

Do you remember when you were little and had all kinds of wonderful dreams of when you grew up? It was so much fun thinking about all the things you could be when you got big enough. I remember it so well. When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would answer "A mommy." People were always saying that mommy was not technically a job and I should decide what else I wanted to be as well. I was determined though. So here I am, all grown up, well at least as grown up as I ever plan to get. I am exactly what I said I wanted to be. I am a mommy. I did decide to be something else as well though. I am a wife too. I am living my childhood dream. Are you?

By the way, I wrote this post in pink because even though I can't stand the color now, it was my favorite when I was a little girl.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Food Pantry

Nathanael's teacher told the class that she didn't need any presents for Christmas. She said she had everything she needed so what she wanted them to do was to bring her some non perishable food items for her to take to the community food pantry. I think that is a brilliant idea. There are a lot of people who need it right now. So instead of giving her a twenty dollar starbucks card or something, I took Nathanael to Stater Brothers. You should have seen how excited he was. We only spent about thirty dollars and we got A LOT of food. Nathanael was the most joyous kid I have ever seen when he discovered that the huge can of oatmeal was on sale for only two dollars! It was so much fun seeing him excited about getting food for people who are less fortunate. So thank you Mrs. Srour for the sweet and generous idea. Nathanael has a huge box of food for you to take in.

That is What Aunties are For

Jason's sister, Christy asked what my kids wanted for Christmas. For Grace I suggested a particular baby doll that Grace wants every time we go to Costco. Being a good auntie, Christy immediately sent her husband out to buy the baby doll. If that is what Grace wants, she should have it of course. So yesterday Christy was out shopping at Costco and was looking at books while we chatted. She picked out a set of four books that are just perfect for Grace. I said "I thought you already got her present." She answered. "I did, but these books are perfect for her." I told her she spoiled my kids way too much and she answered "I know, that is what aunties are for." So when I need a bigger house to store all the Christmas loot you know who to blame. One very sweet auntie who makes sure all of the kids get exactly what they want and then some. Love you, Christy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Jonathanism

Jonathan told me this:

When I grow up I am going to be a pilot. The pilot drives the plane and makes it fly in the sky. The pilot makes the plane go up and down. The pilot knows how to make the plane land and keep all the people safe. When I grow up you can be my copilot. the copilot sits next to the pilot. The copilot doesn't do anything but makes sure the pilot isn't lonely. That can be your job.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photos by Nathanael

Nathanael took these pictures of Grace as part of his Thanksgiving week homework assignment. I posted the rest of his pictures on facebook. He did a great job.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Candy Cane Ornaments

We went to a play date the other day and made candy cane ornaments. It was so much fun. Each of the kids was given a pipe cleaner and there was a tray full of pretty colored beads to choose from. Jonathan, (shown here with his friend Hannah) had lots of fun putting all the different colored beads on his pipe cleaner. When it was full he brought it to me. I made it into a cane shape so he could hang in on the tree. When I held it out to him he said "Why did you do that?" I told him that I had made it into a candy cane for him. "Candy Cane?" He questioned. "That isn't a candy cane. Candy canes are red and white." He proceeded to get another pipe cleaner and make a more traditional candy cane, red white red white. Guess he didn't realize that the beads would end up as candy canes. he is such a traditionalist he couldn't handle multi colored candy canes. Silly guy.
Then there was Grace. She made her candy cane, you guessed it, pink. All pink with a little green on one end. She then proceeded to get another pipe cleaner and made it all pink with a little bit of green as well. When it was finished and I was tired of helping her string the beads, I told her it was all gone. My friend Allison, who I used to love very much, proceeded to give her more pipe cleaners so she could make more. Thank you Allison. She then said "I won't give her Dr. Pepper, but I will give her more beads." Her husband Bryan and another friend, Roy gave Nathanael Dr. Pepper in a straw when he was a baby and he refused to take a nap afterwards. So I guess having to string more beads was better than that. Anyway, Grace made four ornaments before she was happy and even then she would have continued except she had used all of the pink beads and her last one had to be other colors and that just wasn't the same. Have I ever mentioned that toddlers are very funny creatures indeed?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifts for Baby Jesus

And they brought the baby gifts of gold and frankincense and......... orange juice? Well, guess he needed to drink something!

Notice of correction

This notice is a correction to my previous post which implied that artificial trees are better than real. That was an interpretation by an almost eight year old and in no way implies that this blog or the blogger who writes on it is against real Christmas trees. I personally am allergic and choose to use an artificial one. I realize that real trees are better for the environment and will not sit in the landfill for humpteen jillion years like an artificial one will. I do, however use that artificial tree for so many years that I think it is okay. Is that a good enough clarification Kara? Tee hee. That was fun. Anthing I can clarify on any of my other posts?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hallmark Ornaments

I have Hallmark Christmas ornaments. Lots of them. Most of our tree is decorated in them. Each member of the family gets at least one each year and we have a big family so that is a lot of ornaments. We have gotten so we can't even put them all on our tree each time. I especially love the ones that light up or play music. I have a lot of those. Well, I have one that plays three different songs depending on which button you push, while cars go around and the trees on the ornament all light up. Very cute. One of the songs in "Candy Cane Lane" which actually is a fairly long song for a Christmas ornament. Anyway, Grace has discovered the ornament. She really loves the "Candy Cane Lane" button. As soon as it finishes she runs over and pushes it again. Never mind that the ornament also plays "Away in a Manger" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". So here is me, hoping the ornament's battery isn't one of those super long life ones that will never die. My next ornament will be a plain red ball that does nothing. Or not. Maybe just one more Hallmark ornament will be okay!