Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Video Camera

Remember earlier when I had turned on my video camera just in time to watch Grace fall off a ride at John's Incredible Pizza Company? Well, here is my talent for turning on my camera at just the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) time. We were at our friends' house for Thanksgiving and had walked down to one of their neighbor's houses to feed the bull, horse and goat. I took lots of cute pictures but only once did I turn my camera to video and here is what I got.....


Oops. Daddy to the rescue again. Maybe I should leave my video camera off. It doesn't seem to catch Grace at her best.

Almost Done Christmas Shopping

We are almost done with all of our Christmas shopping. I went out on Black Friday and got everything for all of the kids and our parents. My friend Terry went with me. We were some of the crazy people at Toys R Us at four-thirty in the morning waiting for it to open. Actually, it wasn't too crazy. There were tons of people in line but everyone was calm and orderly. They were smart enough to only let about fifty people in and then hold off for a few minutes so no one got trampled in a mad rush to get in. They had all of the toys we wanted for the kids, our nieces and our nephew. Score! Then we headed to Target, The mall (where we actually bought nothing) and Walmart. All of that and we were off to breakfast by nine or so. On the way back in to town we remembered that I had promised to buy Matthew a camera to replace the one I borrowed from him and Jonathan dropped. So we had to stop at another Walmart. They still had their early morning sale on so we got a great deal. Then we got home by a little after eleven. So much fun. Now I am ready for Christmas except for Jason's present. I have no idea what to get him. I am usually pretty creative but this year I am drawing a blank. Last year was laker tickets. Any ideas?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Artificial Christmas Trees

With all the talk of Christmas lately, Matthew and I had this conversation...
What exactly is the difference in real and artificial Christmas trees?
Artificial trees are used every year and are man made.
Why do we have an artificial tree?
Because some of us are allergic to real trees. Besides why buy a new tree every year when we can reuse the same tree every year? (The tree we have was in Jason's grandparents house when he was little.)
So why do some people buy real trees?
They like the smell, they just think it is more Christmassy.
Well, that just seems like a waste of God's resources doesn't it?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

His Mysterious Ways

Do you ever just stand back in amazement at the ways God works? I do. Remember the other night I posted that we were not going to be with family this Thanksgiving? Well, the next morning my friend Kelly called. She said her husband had seen on my blog that we would be home and they would be too so we should come over to their house. I told her I would make sure it was okay and then call her back.

After hanging up with her I called my grandma. I have been trying for weeks to convince my grandma that she should come to my house for Thanksgiving and had been unable to convince her. I thought I should call her one last time and see if she wanted to come before we agreed to go to our friends'. When she answered she breathlessly told me "I....can't.... come..... because.....I......can't.......breathe." I of course told her she needed to get to urgent care. I dropped my kids off with another friend, (thank you Briget) and drove to Riverside to take grandma to Kaiser. Grandma's heart was racing, her legs were swollen, her lungs were full, she was a mess. They ended up admitting her to the hospital with congestive heart failure. Then a few hours later they decided she had pneumonia as well.

I posted that message about being home for Thanksgiving, my loving friends invited us over, I called Grandma just to make sure, and all of that ended with us getting Grandma to the hospital when she really needed it. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. We may not understand how he works but I am truly grateful for his working in our lives. Oh, and then I did forget to call Kelly back until this morning. She was even sweet enough to understand why I didn't call her yesterday and is still having us over tomorrow. So we get to have fun with friends after all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

No Turkeys?

I went to Stater bros this evening. I know, the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving is not where I should be hanging out but I needed a couple of things. Anyway, I ran into our friend Peter from church. Usually he is a checker. This time, however, he was at the very back of the store hiding out and stocking orange juice. When I asked why he wasn't checking people out he say "No way am I going to be up there. We just ran out of turkeys and people are NOT going to be happy. I will stay back here." No turkeys, the day before Thanksgiving? If I were a checker I think I would hide too.

Thanksgiving Sap

So have you noticed all the sappy Thanksgiving posts lately? Everyone is thankful right now. That is good. I am thankful too, for God and family and friends and everything else that I have. I am not however, a sappy person. I don't like romance or flowers either. I know, I am weird. Anyway, here is my totally non sappy Thanksgiving list:

1. I am thankful Grace's diaper didn't leak even though I left her in her overnight diaper for most of the morning.
2. I am thankful that Matthew didn't cry for too long when he found out he had to write a story today.
3. I am thankful that Jonathan didn't hurt himself when he came in and jumped on me to wake me up this morning and he ended up falling off the bed. Good thing he fell onto the doggie bed!
4. I am thankful that Nathanael will not have this attitude forever.
5. I am thankful that Jason hasn't gotten sick of me yet.
6. I am thankful that Nathanael and Matthew just broke up Jonathan and Grace's fight before I had to deal with it.
7. I am thankful for a blog that I can write whatever I want and no one has to read it if they don't want to.
8. I am thankful for God who loves me even though I am selfish, sinful and have an attitude sometimes.

Monday, November 24, 2008


This year we are doing nothing for Thanksgiving. Well, maybe I will buy a turkey breast and make mashed potatoes and stuffing but that is all. It is silly to make a whole turkey and all the trimmings when the only people who will be here are the six of us. Jason and I would eat and the kids would all eat a couple of bites and be done. Usually we get together with family on Thanksgiving. This year Jason's sister and her family will be with their parents and my brother and his family will be with my parents. We don't think we want to make the day long drive to either of those houses. My grandmother is almost always with us but this year she just feels it would be too hard so she is staying home. We completely understand but it makes Thanksgiving a little bit sad. Anyway, usually Jason gets out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving while I do crazy early shopping with Terry. This year maybe we will decorate the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving instead. Ah the start of new traditions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Stroll Down memory Lane

Twelve years ago today I married my best friend. He is as sweet and kind and wonderful today as he was on the day I married him. Here are some pictures of that day.
The center candle never did light. Guess we aren't truly united.

The baby faced man I married

This Bible is in Spanish..... oops.

So that was us twelve years ago. Now, twelve years later, I love him more than ever because I have watched him mature into the Godly man he is today. Watching him play with the children and the tenderness he shows for them means so much to me. I thank God daily for the wonderful man I have married and the fact that he puts up with me. I look into the future and see how different our lives are now than they were twelve years ago and realize that in twelve more years we will have two teenagers and two grown children. That is kind of scary but I can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, we can face everything together. I love you Jason, now and for the rest of my life.

Another Cruise Moment

When you go on a cruise they take a picture called the embarkation photo. It is a shot of your group just before you get on the ship. This time they took the photo of all of us. We went the next evening to look at the pictures and ours wasn't there. We searched all the pictures and it simply wasn't there. So we asked one of the photographers. He took one of the other pictures that had us in it so they would recognize us and wrote down what to look for. One man, three women, and two little boys. We went off on our way. Jason went back to the photo area the next day to see if they found it. The photographer happily announces that they found it and hands the folder to Jason. Jason says "this isn't us." The photographer says "Yes, it is exactly what you asked for, one man, three women and two little boys." Well, this was true. It was another group which had that particular configuration. Jason again tells him it isn't us. The photographer looks at the picture, then at Jason and with a mischievous grin announces "You are right. It isn't you. How about I give you half price on this one?"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Tag

My friends Briget and Mindy tagged me in this game of photo tag.
Here are the rules:
1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.

I will tag:
Allison at:
Mary at:
Jolene at:
Andrea at:

So here's my picture:
I have only had this computer since April so the fourth folder was this July. The fourth picture was this from a photo shoot I had with Grace in the front yard. Grace in in her 4th of July dress that my friend Ramona made for her. My friend Terry and I made her matching hairbows. Isn't she adorable? The dress was big enough I am hoping it still fits her next year. So quit growing Grace!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mickey Mouse's Birthday

Today the mom's group I am part of had a happy birthday party for Mickey Mouse. My friend Mindy hosted it. The toddlers had a great time eating Mickey Mouse waffles on their Mickey Mouse plates and had milk and apple juice out of Mickey Mouse sippy cups. Apparently Mickey was created on November 18th so a birthday party was in order. We listened to Mickey Mouse music and played with Danny's Mickey Mouse clubhouse toys. Such a great time. The kids and a few Disney Obsessed mommies who shall remain nameless wore Mickey shirts. It was a great idea. Thank you Mindy for a fun morning.

Look carefully to see Grace behind the curtains!

Penny, their new golden retreiver, really likes playing in the sandbox with the kids

She makes sure she gets plenty of attention

Grace had to wear Minnie Mouse clothes since she doesn't have anything Mickey
Danny helped his mommy make the Mickey Mouse waffles.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mother in Law at the Bar

On our cruise we bought these handy little cards that let you drink unlimited sodas. Since we don't drink alcahol and the iced tea on board is blah, we drank a lot of diet cokes. One morning my mother in law, Mary got up really early. She had coffee and walked on the deck. When we met her for breakfast she said this... "I had coffee this morning but really wanted a diet coke so I had to stand and wait for the bar to open" Yep, that's it. My preacher's wife mother in law was waiting for the bar to open. She hit the bar several more times that day too, always for diet coke of course.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We are back. Here are some pictures from our cruise:

We had such an amazing time. The highlight was parasailing in Cabo San Lucas. Everone loved that, even Nathanael who did not want to do it to begin with. We didn't get off the ship in Ensenada because my friends that have been there say it isn't worth it. Instead, we spent the morning by the pool and spa while everyone else was gone so the kids could get wet and we could be lazy and play games. So much fun. I did miss the toddlers though. I will also enjoy sleeping in my own bed tonight. In fact, I am pretty tired and think I will head off to that bed pretty soon. Goodnight all. See you tomorrow. I mean Buenas noches. Hasta manana.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Adios Amigos

We are headed to Mexico on a cruise. We have plans to parasail in Cabo San Lucas. No particular plans for Ensenada. Should be tons of fun. Nathanael and Matthew are going with us. Matthew is so excited about going parasailing. Nathanael is a little bit nervous. We told him he didn't have to parasail but he had to stay on the cruise ship otherwise because he couldn't hang around in Mexico alone. He decided he wanted to parasail as long as he could go tandem with his Daddy. What happened to Mommy? Apparently she isn't as trustworthy. hrmmf.

My mom and Jason's mom are going too. They are sharing the room next to us. Do you think they will keep us up with all of their giggling?

Terry and her kids are going to come stay at our house and watch Jonathan and Grace. I was a little leery of taking two toddlers to Mexico. They should have fun here. They have plans to go on lots of playdates with our mom's group. We plan to hang out around the pool and read a lot. With two toddlers we don't get many chances to just hang out and do nothing special.

They do have internet access on the ship but you pay by the minute so sorry guys. Although I would love to keep everyone posted, you will just have to be in suspense until we get back. Adios Amigos.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Annie Get your Gun

Today I took Nathanael and Matthew on a field trip to see "Annie Get Your Gun" in Riverside. Jason kept the two little ones at home. We drove to Riverside Community College, spent quite a while finding a parking spot and headed to the theater. We were almost an hour early even after hitting traffic on the freeway and spending all that time parking. Did you all know I am a perpetually early person? If I am on time to anything, I feel very late.

Enough of the tangent, sorry. Back to the show. It was so much fun. I am sure I have seen it before but I had forgotten just how fun the story is. Oh, and the music is amazing. The production in Riverside was very professional and just generally excellent. It was their first showing of this particular show so they had minor costume problems such as cowboy hats that kept falling of and wigs slipping slightly but that was easily dealt with. Both of the boys enjoyed it greatly. Nathanael had really not wanted to go but decided finally that he would and he was so glad he changed his mind. I am happy my children are learning to appreciate musicals. It was almost three hours long counting the fifteen or twenty minute intermission but even Matthew, who is always antsy during movies didn't think it was too long. Probably kept his attention since we were in the front row, center aisle, about five feet away from the singing and dancing. See, my perpetually being early can be useful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bucket Heads

You know how at Christmas you buy your kids expensive presents and they play with the boxes? Here are Grace and her friends in the church nursery, where there are plenty of colorful toys for everyone. So what did they do? They invented a game called bucket heads. They dumped all of the toys out of the bins and then ran around the nursery with buckets on their heads. then they climbed inside the buckets and pretended to take baths. It was very funny. The buckets kept them entertained for much of Sunday morning. Sure made our job as nursery volunteers easy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pony Ride

Our friends have a Halloween party every year the Saturday before Halloween. We have so much fun. Usually there is a giant slide and a few other blow up things. This year they decided to do something more fun for the little ones. So they brought in a ferris wheel, a swing ride and ponies for a pony ride. The kids all had such a great time. The best thing though was the pony ride. Grace rode so many times. She even had a favorite horse, this one that she is hugging. She called it "pink" since it had some pink on it.

Here they are one of the times they rode. The voice you hear is my friend Sonta and the other little one is her youngest, Sawyer.

Long Overdue Pictures

My sweet Jonathan Pirate on Halloween.
Grace likes the teacups now too. Jonathan didn't get to ride because he pushed his sister.
Matthew's award winning Christmas pumpkin.
The blank canvas before the artist put his hand to it.
This was at a friend's house in their backyard at their halloween party. They went a little crazy this year. A ferris wheel and a swing ride and ponies to ride. I will post Grace on the ponies later. She rode about ten times.

Grace and Jonathan ready for the ferris wheel.

Nathanael on the swings.

Matthew liked the swings too.

My jedi, two pirates and a little Alice in Wonderland.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Off the Blogosphere

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Jason is on vacation and we have been hanging out. We all went to Disneyland on Thursday after school. I love living in Southern California where that is an option. It was very empty again and we had lots of fun in the few hours we were there. Besides that we have just been getting little things done around the house. (Pull out drawers for my pots and pans that I couldn't reach in the cabinet, yeah!) There was the traditional African Safari at church on Halloween. I know, I need to post Halloween pictures, did I mention that I have been neglectful of my blog? Sorry about that. I am off to take the boys to school so I will have to write more later.

For now I end with a Jonathanism: "A cracker without cheese is just wrong." Important thing to note, Jonathan.