Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Very First Award

This is fun. Renee from nominated me for this award. It is my first blogging award and therefore very exciting. Here are the rules:

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.

So here are my nominations:

1. Kara at Mommy to four kids a little younger than mine and always lets me borrow her baby
2. Mindy at Has one adorable little boy who is Grace's best friend
3. Mary at Lived next door to me in the college dorms and we've gotten to know each other better through our blogs
4. Justin at Kara's husband. Doesn't write very often but when he does he cracks me up
5. Mommy at She is new to blogging but is learning to have fun with it
6. Christy at Jason's sister. You never know whether she will make you laugh or cry with her posts but they are always wonderfully written.
7. Terry at Also new to blogging and needs encouragement to write more often.
So there you go. My first award. Thank you Renee for the award. I love reading your blog daily.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let the Noise Begin!

Nathanael and Matthew have already started school. They each got to choose a couple of electives and both of them chose one of the same classes. Unusual for them since they have varied interests. This time, though they chose the same class. Of course that class is drum line. Yep, that's right, they are supposed to learn to beat a drum and march at the same time. Their teacher gave them a list of supplies to buy and told them to practice on their drum pads at least four hours a week. Yikes! I am glad they are interested in music........ but drum line? We are in for some serious noise at out house. I took Nathanael out today to get a metronome, drum pad and drum sticks. You should have seen how excited he was in the car on the way home. Such fun. They are so happy. So let the noise begin!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Disneyland with Melissa

We had so much fun at Disneyland with our friends Michelle (who seems to have avoided pictures pretty well) and Melissa. Melissa is the kid's not exactly cousin. Hard to explain but Michelle's brother is married to Jason's sister so although Melissa is not their cousin, she is their cousin's cousin. Confused yet? Good. Anyway, we have all known each other since we were little kids at the same church and Michelle always gave me her clothes and toys since she is just enough older for that. Now her daughter gives our daughter clothes. Pretty cool. Anyway, we had so much fun together at Disneyland. I have a ton of adorable pictures. These are just a few of them.

Grace in the Tiki Room

We went to Disneyland yesterday. After a long day when we were all really tired we headed to the Tiki Room. Sitting for fifteen minutes is always happy after a day at Disneyland. As soon as the birds came to life Grace's dancing began. She jumped, she danced, she sang until everyone in our row was having more fun watching her than watching the singing birds and flowers. You would think this was her first time there instead of having season passes. She has seen the show at least thirty times but that didn't stop the magic for her.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy School Day

On the days the boys go in to the school instead of being homeschooled, all I do is go to the school all day. It is crazy. Here is our Wednesday schedule for an example. I get Nathanael to school about 8:20 but Matthew doesn't start until nine. Since that isn't enough time to do anything and still get Matthew back in time, I end up waiting with Matthew until he can go to his classroom. So I get out of there about nine and go to Terry's house so we can teach the little ones preschool stuff (yes, that is the technical term for it). At about 11:30 we go back to the school and get things ready to serve nachos for hot lunch day. We finish that just after 12:30 and head for home. Make lunch, eat, help Matthew with his math, possibly run errands for a little bit and then back to the school to pick Nathanael up at 4:00. After that it is time to go over the next days assignments, feed the kids a snack and head for Wednesday night church. After Church, we go home and have a late dinner and bedtime for the kids. Then I blog. Whew, I am tired just thinking of it all. People said it would be easier on me to have the kids in school a couple of days a week but I don't think so. I do think it is good for the kids though, so the craziness must continue. I am worn out now. Goodnight.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Boring Day at the Reed House

Hey, nothing exciting to blog about today. I could tell you about Nathanael studying Newton's laws of motion but unless you are into science you wouldn't care and if you are into science, you already know all about Newton. I could write about Matthew practicing making a cursive K or how to properly write a check but you probably already know how to do those things. Jason is better, well mostly, and is back to work. We bought Grace's birthday present today and Jonathan played GeoTrax but those are not blogworthy events either. So I might as well admit it. This was a truly uneventful day without a single blogworthy event. Bummer. It was nice and calm though. Maybe we should have more boring days unworthy of blogging, don't ya think?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Rainstorm

This morning it was sunny and warm. We went to Terry's house to have preschool. The kids had just come inside from playing on the patio and it suddenly started pouring. The kids were so excited. They went back out on the patio to get wet. Here is Grace playing in the water. I love when she gets water on her nose and tells the rain "no, no, no!"


The only problem with the rain was that it went away after a few minutes and left us in a sauna. 100 degrees and muggy. Yuck. But the rain was fun while it lasted. Thank you God for a really fun rainstorm.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kara's Kindness

I have a wonderful friend named Kara. She is Godly and sweet and kind and loving. If she says she will do something, you can count on it being done and being done right. Everyone should have a friend like her. Not everyone does. But I do and for that I thank God.

One of the many things I love about Kara is that she is generous. She shares one of her most precious possessions willingly every time I see her. She shares her beautiful little girl, Mercy. Mercy is only six weeks old. Kara sweetly allows me to hold her every time we are together (which is a lot since we go to church together and are in the same Wednesday night class.)

Now I must admit, my getting a chance to play with Mercy is mutually beneficial. I get my baby fix and Kara gets a few minutes to actually hear a sermon once in a while. I am so grateful to God for my sweet friend and her beautiful baby girl. Jason is thankful for her too because I borrow Kara's baby and then I never tell him that I wish we could have more. Borrowing babies is a great plan. I bet Kara wishes I could borrow her when two a.m. comes around but since she nurses her, Kara is on her own for that one. Sorry.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Medieval Times

Too tired to post tonight. It is our friend Terry's birthday tomorrow so we took her and her two kids to Medieval Times this afternoon. Here are the pictures.....

Goodnight all!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Grace and Surprise Bear

Grace has a birthday in just a few weeks. She will be two years old. My mom had to come down to Southern California last week so she took Grace and Nathanael (who's birthday is at the end of next month) to Toys R Us and told them to pick out their own presents. Oh my, they had fun! Nathanael got a totally cool remote control car that does tricks. Grace got a Care Bear that you hide and it has a controller that tells you if you are going in the right direction to find the Bear. Grace and her brothers all love it. Here is a video of grace looking for her bear. I wanted my parents to see that she likes her gift that she shouldn't have yet but she is having tons of fun with anyway!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me and My Family by Matthew

Me and My Family
My name is Matthew James Reed. I am seven years old. I was born in Riverside and grew up in Hemet. I am in 3rd grade because I passed 2nd grade.
I have a big family. I have three pets: 2 dogs and 1 big turtle. 3 siblings. Mom mom is nice to us and My dad plays with us.
I love milk, cows, my family,food and some animals. I don't like being sick, mean people, cats bees, and when I am hurt
This is who I am, what I like, and about my family that takes care of me. I am a smart person.

About Me by Nathanael

About Me
My name is Nathanael Jason Reed. I will be ten next month. I am shy until I get to know you then I will talk a lot. I was born in Riverside but I live in Hemet.
I love my family of six. There is Matthew, Jonathan, Grace, Mom, Dad, and Me. I have two dogs and a turtle. One dog is a Basset Hound. Her name is Molly. The other dog is a Golden Retriever mix. Her name is Missy. The turtle is Shell. She doesn’t do much.
I like to do a lot of things. I love to read. I will read anything. I also like to play video games. I like to play Star Wars video games the most. I like to watch Ben Ten. I also do the dishes for my family.
I like so many things. I love my family and pets. I am a totally awesome kid!

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. Nathanael and Matthew are going to a charter school this year where they go to the school two days a week and homeschool the other three. We just thought it would be good for them to actually go in to school a few days a week while still keeping most of the freedoms we enjoy with homeschooling. Jonathan and Grace are even having preschool. My friend Terry and I are doing preschool with them and with a little boy Terry babysits. They all had a great day. Here they are this morning.

Matthew should have had a haircut before the first day. We will have to remedy that this weekend.
Nathanael is apparantly too cool for first day pictures. He is in fifth grade which at his school puts him in middle school, which is from fifth to eighth grades.
Jonathan happy to go to preschool in his Mickey clothes with his new Mickey backpack. (The two little ones got backpacks on clearance at the Disney Store for fifteen dollars including the matching lunchboxes.)
Grace looking adorable with her new clothes and backpack, Sleeping Beauty of course. You should see her when she tries to put it on her back. she almost falls over backward. Truly hilarious.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grace and the Doggie Hat

The kids and I go to our friend Briget's house every Monday night because Jason is at work and Briget's husband is at college. Grace loves going over there. She always has to get a diaper wipe and "clean" Briget's living room. I find this hilarious because Briget has one of the cleanest houses of anyone I know. This week Grace found another use for the diaper wipe. Good thing Briget has five kids so her dog is used to children. The dog put up with Grace and her idea of a hat quite nicely.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Jason

I just talked to Jason on the phone. I could hardly undertand him. He is losing his voice, has a sore throat and is generally miserable. But being a true Reed he is at work anyway. Never mind that he is feeling horrible. Poor Jason. Pray for his speedy recovery.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Princess of All Things Dirty

Grace loves being a princess. She likes pink and dresses and "Bairbows" in her hair. Of course that was before camping. Now she has discovered the joy of all things dirty. Oh the joy of dirt on your hands, and legs and face and hair. Here is Grace a little after arriving at camp the first day. And here she is the second day. Do you see the progression of filth? The first day she was kind of cautious. the second day it was all out. No, the dirt wasn't just built up from day to day. Each night I took her to the coin showers and got her clean.
Finally, here she is an hour after returning home. Our beautiful princess has returned. Believe it or not she didn't want "Bairbows" in her hair for the entire trip but as soon as I got her home and clean it was the first thing she asked for. So I put her hair in ponytails with little red "bairbows." The little princess is as happy clean as she was dirty.

Here is Grace with her friend Danny. Partners in Grime.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grace's First Kiss

We went camping this weekend with some church friends. Some of those friends, Chad and Mindy, have an adorable little boy named Danny. Danny is one week older than Grace and is one of her best friends. The two of them played nonstop the entire time we were at the campground, mainly in the dirt. They were so dirty last night I wanted to get a picture of the two of them. So here they are, two filthy toddlers...... Mindy thought it would be cute if Danny gave her a little kiss on the cheek for the next picture so she said "Give her a kiss Danny." We may have expected a little kiss on the cheek but this is what he did instead.....

Whew, do you think he has been watching his daddy and mommy? We had better keep an eye on these two!

Camping Fun

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy

This is my Mother's birthday. In honor of her I will share a story from when I was little.

My mom doesn't cook. No she really doesn't. Those of you who know me know that I am not a very creative cook and we eat out way too often. Well, the little cooking ability that I do have, I learned from my father. Dad made dinner just about every night. He says he learned to cook out of self defense. Afterall, he had to eat something.

One day my mom made Macaroni and Cheese. Every kid's favorite. I think she was feeling creative and added some strange cheese or something. Anyway, no one in the family would eat it. So we gave it to our dog, Rusty. Rusty would eat anything. He was the one who ate the brocolli that somehow made it off the plates and onto the floor (don't know how that happened...) So we give the Mac and Cheese to the dog. He runs over, sniffs it, turns his little nose up and walks away dejected. Poor Rusty, Poor Mommy.

My Mom may not be known for her cooking but she does tons of other things well. She learned sign language so she could communicate with a deaf friend at church. She makes exquisite greeting cards with her rubber stamps. She plays the violin and works full time. Still she found time to show my brother and I that we are loved and cherished above any hobby or job she could ever have. She loved to get lost purposely driving around beautiful neighborhoods and told us we were going on an adventure. (That was before it was four dollars a gallon for gas.) She is one of my very best friends. Thank you Mommy for just being you.

So if you don't already know her, you should meet my mother. is tons of fun. She is friendly and outgoing and creative. She is everything I feel like I am not. You will love her too. Just don't eat her macaroni.

Turtle Tank Cleaning

We have a red eared slider turtle named Shell. She lives in a big glass tank in the playroom. She loves to rearrange rocks and tries to figure out how to open the lid of her tank. I do not think turtles are usually the most fascinating creatures in the world. My little ones, however seem pretty fascinated by her every move. Who would have thought that turtle tank cleaning would be an family activity? While I helped Jason refill the turtle's tank after he cleaned it out, this is where I found Jonathan, Grace and Missy. Jonathan and Grace were just looking at the turtle because it was trapped in a little box instead of it's big glass tank it is usually in. I think Missy had other ideas. She really wanted that turtle out of the box. I don't think Shell the turtle would do so well in that meeting however. Missy kept trying to bat the turtle out of the box and didn't really appreciate when Jason (I wouldn't touch the thing) took it out and returned it to it's tank.

Olympic obsession

I admit it. I am obsessed. I love the Olympics. Actually I am more obsessed with the Winter Olympics than I am with the Summer, but even so I am addicted to both. I had Jason D.V.R. the events, not on one channel but on three. This means within a twenty-four hour period I can get twenty hours or so of coverage. Obviously I cannot watch quite that much but I watch most of it in fast-forward at least so I can see who wins and how it goes. I often stay up until midnight or 1a.m. in order to watch it all. There is one problem with this obsession. We are going camping on Thursday and Friday. This means that by the time we get home on Saturday afternoon, I will have something like fifty hours of Olympic coverage to wade through. Can I do it? There will have to be a lot of fast forwarding. I bet I end up staying up really late. Maybe I will need extra coffee. Anyone else obsessed with the Olympics?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fear of Packing

I have this fear of packing. It isn't a phobia that I grew up with or anything. It is a recent development. In fact, it is so recent that it just began as I started to think about going camping this weekend. I am afraid, not of packing clothes for myself or even for my family, but of packing the van. How in the world will we get everything in? We have two adults, four kids and a dog going. Two of those kids are toddlers. One of them is still in diapers. Everyone knows that the smaller the kid, the more stuff they require. Besides that there is a tent, a couple of coolers, suitcases, six sleeping bags, six pillows, lanterns and all the various items that go along on a camping trip. Oh yeah, each of the kids will want a stuffed animal. Of course there will have to be books going along too. Our family never seems to get out of the house without a few of those. Yikes! Good thing Jason will be home. He will get the fun part of making things fit. If I am really lucky I will be able to get all the stuff we need and put it in a pile in the driveway and then hide my head while he carefully and neatly stuffs the van beyond what any van should possibly hold. Maybe my friend with less children will have room in her car. Yes, this is a good plan. I could stuff her car instead. Whew. Maybe we will make it after all. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we need cooking utensils and paper goods. What else am I forgetting? Oh dear, now I have a new fear of forgetting something we will suddenly need desperately.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Helpful Boy

Nathanael is helpful every day. He helps with the dishes and with his younger siblings. The other day I decided I needed to scrub the ground in dirt from the kitchen floor. You know, the dirt that never seems to go away even though you swept and mopped. Anyway, Nathanael joyfully says, "I will scrub the floor mom!" I, not being stupid, just as joyfully accepted. So here he is, down on his hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor with Clorox Clean Up (which works great by the way.) It could be that he was just that bored with his brother gone but I would like to believe it was just his sweet and helpful heart. I love this kid! Just remind me of how much I love him when he is acting very pre-teenish (Yes, I realize that isn't a word, but what else do you call it?) even though he is only almost ten, okay?

Matthew is Back!

Matthew is back from his week at his uncle David and Aunt Rebecca's. He had a great time while he was gone but everyone is so happy to have him back. Here he is with his Daddy. Do you think Daddy missed him? So glad to have our family complete again.

Family Game Time

My brother, David and his family came over today. Mainly the reason was to bring Matthew back to us after a week at their house. While they were here Nathanael wanted us to teach him Risk. So each adult took a partner and taught the kids Risk while the toddlers played Geotrax. After while we ended up with just Nathanael and the grownups because, just in case you are unfamiliar with the game, Risk takes a really long time. After a while longer, even the grownups were tired of it. (well, the female grownups anyway) and everyone finally gave it up. It was a really fun family game time though. Next time I think we should play a family game that can be played in less than two hours. Uno is always great.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Book

One day my brother posted on his blog, which is all about different books, about a book called Cold Sassy Tree and asked people to say whether they liked it and what they thought about different characters. Since I had not read this book I commented.....

"I would really love to lend my brilliance to your comment section. However, since I have never read this particular American Classic novel, my brilliance would show more of my ignorance. I am sorry that my education has been so neglected. It is probably the fault of my maternal figure. :P"

My mother apparently didn't appreciate my blaming my ignorance on her because she gave her copy of the book to her sister and asked her to pass it along to me. Her sister, however read the book and loved it so much she decided to keep it and order me another copy off of So thank you Mommy for the copy of the book that I have neglected to read so far in my lifetime and thank you Auntie Gale for the brand new copy of the book you couldn't part with. I can't wait to read this book that has everyone so interested. Maybe I will have a chance next weekend when we go camping. That will be something fun to look forward to. Yes, two days with nothing special to do sounds great, just reading and relaxing. Oh, yeah the kids are going. Just reading and "Mom, Mom" relaxing "hey Mom" will be so fun "Mommy, Mommy!" Well, maybe I will have time to read at least part of the book :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Magic Train

I think the Mickey Train must be magic. The other night when Grace was fighting sleep she was sitting on the sofa. She picked up the Mickey train and immediately fell asleep.The next day Jonathan had a fever. He felt so yucky. He was fine at swimming lessons and the grocery store but by the time we got home from the grocery store he was burning up. Poor baby. So he curls up on the sofa, grabs the Mickey train and falls asleep.Anyone need to borrow the Mickey train for their toddler who can't sleep? It seems to work great. Oh, and by the way, he picked his own ensemble that day. Wasn't he stylish?

Silly Sleeper

The other day I was trying and trying to get Grace to go to sleep. I left her in her bed and went to the living room briefly. I heard her little feet pattering to my bedroom so I set down my laptop and headed in to get her and take her back to her own room. It was less than a minute that she was in my room but when I got there this is what I found. Yes, she is fast asleep and yes, it is the dog's bed. Crazy kid.

The bump on her chest is her toy cellphone that she stuffed in there. She has watched my friend Terry stick her cellphone into her bra strap and Grace had to try it too. Silly friend. Silly little copy cat.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Simple Joys

Did you know that popcorn is one of the simple joys of childhood? Tonight I informed Jonathan that I was going to make some popcorn and he got so excited. He ran joyfully into the kitchen and wanted to help. He had so much fun just making the popcorn. I think it was even more fun than eating it. His father taught him a love of all things Parmesan so here he is, adding as much Parmesan cheese to the popcorn that I would allow. Such fun. There is also a video of him, just being cute if you are particularly interested. (I figured grandparents are probably the only ones interested enough in Jonathan just being cute to watch a video, but here it is anyway.) Enjoy.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Missing Matthew

Matthew has only been gone to his Aunt and Uncle's house for almost two days and I already miss him terribly. I miss his sweet smile in the morning and his asking me if he can make me coffee. (I get it ready at night so all he has to do is turn it on, but still....) I bet he is having a great time with his cousins without any of his siblings there to take up any of their attention. Being the second boy means he doesn't get to be the center of any one's attention very often. The reason he went there to begin with was to go to V.B.S. with his cousin, Sharon since they would be in the same class (he is 7 months younger than her.) Unfortunately, in 29 Palms where my brother and his family live there has been major storms and flash floods. They cancelled V.B.S. tonight because people can't even get on and off the Marine base by the church. My brother, David, who is the pastor of Palms Baptist Church went to the church anyway just in case any kids showed up and found mud and flooding at the church so it looks like V.B.S. will be cancelled all week. I am sure Matthew is bummed about that but he says he wants to stay with his cousins anyway and they will do other fun stuff. We are hoping David's church is able to have it's V.B. S. next week so young hearts can be touched by God's Word. Matthew, however can't stay that long. He has to come home next week so we can do family stuff before school starts the week after that. Besides, I don't think I could handle more than one week without my little boy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Cleanest House Ever

In our house the kids don't say they're bored. At least not if they know what is good for them. Saying you are bored always leads to something to do in the form of housework. Matthew is spending the week at his Uncle David's house (I love you baby. Just in case your Aunt Rebecca reads this with you.) This means that Nathanael doesn't have anyone over the age of three to play with. He can't resist. He has to tell me he is bored. This is great news for me. The first time he is bored I think will be the playroom floor, then the dishes. Matthew will be gone for almost a week so I should have the cleanest house ever. Maybe next time Nathanael can spend the week away so Matthew can clean the bathrooms, he is really good at mirrors.

Sorry this post wasn't more entertaining. I have a major migraine and seriously need the kids to fall asleep so I can too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lofty Ambitions

Ask my children what they want to be when they grow up. Their responses are highly entertaining. Here is the plan.

Nathanael wants to go to California Baptist University and major in Bible so he will be a theologian. When asked what he planned to be after he got his degree he said he was going to be a Sheriff. (Sounds like an expensive degree for him not to use, doesn't it?)

Matthew plans to be a farmer and grow fruit. Specifically apples, bananas, plums, oranges watermelon and pineapple. (Not sure where this farm will be for the temperature to be right for all of those at once.)

But here is the loftiest ambition of all. When asked what he wanted to be Jonathan said he wanted to drive the tram at Disneyland or maybe drive a trash truck. Matthew told him he could drive a trash truck at Disneyland and he thought this was a great idea. So this is his dream, to drive a trash truck at Disneyland. hmmmmmm.