Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Little Girl in Purple

All my life I wanted one, a little girl in purple. Purple dresses and hairbows and pajamas and socks. Oh how I longed for the little girl I could dress up cute and fancy and well, purple. So you can understand my frustration when I opened the drawer to pull out cute purple shorts and top the other day and my adorable little girl had to show her own identity by pulling out a pair of bright pink shorts. Here was our conversation


Yes Grace, that is pink. But today you are wearing purple.

No, Pink.

Okay, let's compromise. Pink shorts and a pink and purple top. Then you can still have pretty purple hairbows.

Pink Bairbows

Aren't the purple hairbows pretty?

Pink Bairbows pretty

Okay, how about the purple necklace and shoes with the purple flowers?

Pink neckac, pink shoes. Pink Pretty.

Now, I waited a long time for a little girl to dress up in purple. Is it really too much to ask that she at least make it to her second birthday before she insists on my least favorite color? No fair. Anyone got a little girl I can borrow and dress all in purple?


SSquyres said...

I laughed right out loud!! Marianne thinks Grace is brilliant.

David said...

That is FUNNY! Sadly, it's true. We're usually just happy if all priate parts are covered.