Monday, June 30, 2008


Smores are one of the most amazing concepts ever. When else can you take sugar in the form of a graham cracker, cover it in sugar in the form of chocolate, and finally melt sugar in the form of marshmallows and squish it all together? The gooey mess that follows is the beauty of smores. We went to Briget's house tonight and enjoyed them together. We put wood in her outside fireplace in 100 degree weather. No one claimed we were the brightest. We grownups (sometimes we call ourselves that) each had one smore and were sugared out. The kids, however, amaze us sometimes. They each had a smore, most then had a second smore, a few begged for thirds or even fourths (luckily not the child with low blood sugar). Then there were the purists. Those who like graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallows but if you try to put the three ingredients together there is much devistation. Such is the thinking of both Jonathan and Grace.

So what exactly is the joy of smores? Is there something magical in the combining of so many types of sugar or is it simply magical because of the time family and friends spend around the fire laughing and talking while making a gooey mess? No matter what the reason, it sure is fun. Let's do it again sometime, after the sugar rush is over of course.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Little Girl in Purple

All my life I wanted one, a little girl in purple. Purple dresses and hairbows and pajamas and socks. Oh how I longed for the little girl I could dress up cute and fancy and well, purple. So you can understand my frustration when I opened the drawer to pull out cute purple shorts and top the other day and my adorable little girl had to show her own identity by pulling out a pair of bright pink shorts. Here was our conversation


Yes Grace, that is pink. But today you are wearing purple.

No, Pink.

Okay, let's compromise. Pink shorts and a pink and purple top. Then you can still have pretty purple hairbows.

Pink Bairbows

Aren't the purple hairbows pretty?

Pink Bairbows pretty

Okay, how about the purple necklace and shoes with the purple flowers?

Pink neckac, pink shoes. Pink Pretty.

Now, I waited a long time for a little girl to dress up in purple. Is it really too much to ask that she at least make it to her second birthday before she insists on my least favorite color? No fair. Anyone got a little girl I can borrow and dress all in purple?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letting Go

This was written by me to my father when I got married. 1996 (has it been that long?)

I will enter more poems and such from my past later.

Letting Go

I refuse to grow up

To eat spinach

To go to work

Boys are disgusting

I think I am too sick for school today

I should be better this afternoon

Just in time for Little House on the Prairie

The vacuum is to heavy for me

I didn't hit my brother, honest

I luf you Daddy!

Times change, people change

I suppose I have to

Grown up some, I go to work

And even to school

But I refuse to eat spinach

And I really didn't hit my brother

Well, not very hard

Maybe boys aren't so bad after all

I seem to do okay with them now

And I still "luf" you Daddy

No matter how old I get

How far I move

Or how I spell my name

I still need my Daddy, now more than ever

To tell me he loves me

And to make things all better

Because that's what Daddy is for

Don't think of my marriage as saying goodbye

Just letting go.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Uneventful Day

Yesterday was uneventful but I am going to list what we did anyway..

  • 12:20 Jonathan wakes up for the third time of the night, wants to climb in the grownup bed. I carry him back once again. Then I tell him he will be spanked if he does it again.

  • 1:00 Jonathan up again. Mommy is very sleepy by now I spank his bottom and return him to bed.

  • 1:45 Jonathan up again. Mommy just about in tears from exhaustion but the little guy must not win.

  • 2:15 Jonathan up again. Mommy calls Daddy in tears. Daddy tries to convince Jonathan his bed is a happy place.

  • 2:40 Jonathan up again. Mommy carries the little screamer back to bed where he wakes up Nathanael. Nathanael screams "Jonathan, just go to sleep!" and Jonathan is not heard from for the rest of the night. Why didn't I think of that?

  • 3:30 Mommy finally falls asleep

  • 6:15 Daddy gets home from work. This wakes up Mommy

  • 6:30 Up for a very sleepy Bible reading time.

  • 7:00 Kids all wake up. Time to start the day for real.

  • 9:15 Leave for movie theater for the summer free movies

  • 10:00 Movie Starts "The Bee Movie" I would probably have fallen asleep if the toddlers on each side of me had sat still for ten seconds in a row.

  • 11:30 Off to Walmart for groceries and birdseed

  • 12:30 Home to make lunch

  • 1:30 Lunch is finished. Get to see Jason for a few minutes before he leaves for work. He has to work fifteen hours tonight.

  • 1:45 Help Jason clean the bottom of the pool.

  • 2:30 Jason leaves for work. Try unsuccessfully to get both toddlers to nap so I could sneak one. Not today. Bummer.

  • 3:15 take the kids out to play in the pool

  • 4:15 drag them kicking and screaming out of the pool and give them all baths

  • 4:45 Make Jason a lunch, he stops by and picks it up.

  • 5:15 Break up a fight between Jonathan and Grace over a torn coloring page

  • 5:30 Make the kids tuna sandwiches for dinner.

  • 6:00 Uno with Matthew followed by coloring with Jonathan Then Chutes and Ladders with all four of them even if it did make Nathanael roll his eyes. He enjoyed it, he just wouldn't admit it.

  • 7:00 Break up arguement between Nathanael and Matthew over which game they should play.

  • 7:15 Another bath for Grace who felt the need for a potty party (she splashes in the toilet when no one is watching, and removes all of the toilet paper from the roll)

  • 8:00 Watching Little Einsteins with Jonathan and Grace. Making sure Nathanael is being fair in his basketball card trading with Matthew.

  • 8:20 Studying Colossians with Nathanael. Listening to the little ones playing cars

  • 9:00 First attempt at bedtime. The older two lay down nicely and read books in bed. Jonathan gets up over and over, potty, drink, anything he can think of. Grace lays in bed and cries.

  • 10:00 All the kids are asleep. Talk to my grandmother on the phone

  • 10:30 Catch up on some dishes

  • 11:00 I head to bed too.

  • 11:40 Jonathan up and trying to climb in my bed again. Help! I am so sleepy.

So there it was. An unevenful summer day. This was a day which did not include homeschooling, and wasn't a night that involved going to the church. I didn't get any gourmet meals cooked or any cleaning done either. Now we start it all over again today, plus church tonight and packing to leave on a two day trip with four children tomorrow. I guess it all depends on what you mean from the word uneventful.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Decade of "Mommy"

My oldest son, Nathanael will be ten this September. This brings me to think about things like ten years ago I was six months pregnant with my first child. There was so much excitement but so much fear as well. Would Jason and I be up to the task of caring for a tiny life? At the time, we didn't really think about the spiritual and eternal signifiance of bringing up children. Mainly we were worried that we had to keep this new person fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. This seemed too daunting a task for us. I can't even imagine what we would have felt if we had realized that we were also responsible for teaching him how to bring glory to God with his life and how to become saved from eternal destruction and brought to eternal life.

The last ten years have had it's scary moments: Nathanael got croup so bad as a baby he had to be rushed to the emergency room for breathing treatmants and medication; Matthew had bronchitis, asthma and RSV as a baby and as a preschooler managed to break both his clavicle(collar bone) and his leg the same summer; Jonathan hit his head so hard it required another emergency room visit to make sure there was no permanent damage; and Grace got pneumonia at four months old and had to be hospitalized... twice. But through all of it God was gracious to us. He preserved our children and made them stronger and healthier with each passing day. He also made Jason and my marriage stronger with each thing we had to deal with. Why is it the worst of days, like when you are spending the night in the hospital with a four month old who is fighting for her every breath, that you think of the amazing fact that God gave her this very breath to begin with and that with prayer and a decision to face all things together even hard times are manageable. It also made us appreciate the incredible friends that helped take care of our other children, visited the hospital, called us and most importantly kept us in prayer. How could we not be grateful for such an event?

There have been marvelous times as well: Watching Jonathan "read" a story to his baby sister; Sitting next to the older kids while they did their schoolwork and being amazed by how quickly they understood things; Hearing their first words and laughs, seeing the first steps; Watching the spirit begin to move in the heart of Nathanael as he begins to struggle with knowledge of his eternal destiny.

In all of this reminiscing I also look to the future and think about what it could hold for our family. The day is coming when I will no longer be "mommy" to anyone but simply "mom" as I have already become to Nathanael and Matthew. I think about all that we still have to teach them which is a little bit scary when you think that the oldest is already more than half way to college. I pray daily for these precious little people God has given me the gift of raising and pray for the spouses they will eventually choose. For now, however, I will be grateful for tiny arms around my neck and tiny kisses on my cheek, little voices saying "I love you" and little hands that reach up and grab mine. I will also enjoy being Mommy for as long as it lasts, then I will love being Mom just as much.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three Monkeys and a Princess

That is what we have, three monkeys and a princess. First we had three boys in a row. Nathanael is nine and adventurous; Matthew is seven and smart; and Jonathan is three and fun loving. Then we had one little girl. Grace is almost two and it definately shows. I love that I am able to stay home with them full time. We homeschool the oldest two so our house is sometimes chaotic with two homeschooling and two toddlers, but we love having them around. I love the opportunities it gives us to teach them what they should know and how they can live for Christ. I pray for their salvation daily and for the ones they will eventually marry. How I long for them to find the relationship God has chosen for each of them.

My First Post

I don't really have anything important to write or anything. I just decided to create a blog and this is my test to see if it works. I created this blog from Kara's page (thanks Kara). This is a picture of me with my husband, Jason. He is the best husband anyone could ever ask for.